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Marble Marvel

Count d'Orchaun's collection of marble now counts one more piece of art, depicting Sam, the flexible son of the local blacksmith.

Once upon a time there was a witch who turned a little snake into a human baby for her experiments. However, the toddler managed to escape to the forest where he was found by the local blacksmith, who named the boy Sam and raised him as his own son.

The blacksmith had no other children and wished that Sam would eventually inherit the smithy. But the village of Foldale was famous for a few bendy boys and Sam quickly showed the interest to join the spineless army. After all, his snakeish genes were still strong despite him being a human.

And Sam became really good at this, especially that, much like a snake, he could hold most poses for a very long time and felt little to no discomfort while doing so. So the local count, who was a big fan and sponsor of contortionists, often used the boy as a model for the many bendy sculptures that decorated his mansion and garden.

In the late teens, to the joy of his dad, Sam finally ran out of ideas for contortions and showed the interest in smithing and crafting things, but his flexible legacy still remained in the shape of many beautiful sculptures.

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