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Mandrogin Looker

Darkness falls on the walls of Mandrog as you enter the city through its main gate. Several beautiful street lamps, oh wait... no, they're not street lamps, just girls flashing their boobs brighter than any artificial lights!

No, wait, something else is flashing, apparently they're... dudes? Errr...

"Confused, traveler?" You hear a man's... no, woman's (or maybe a young man's?) voice behind you. You turn around. Muscles, breasts, penis, makeup, powerful stance, pretty hair, manly shoulders, girly hips...

"Y- yes, a- a little..."

"Happens every time! Say, darling, if you're in need of money I'm looking for a company of someone like you."

Well, that's something new! So, in Mandrog, sexy people will hire YOU?!

Still not sure how to react... Your eyes chaotically wander between his/her breasts and penis.

An hour later... You're still on the silky black sheets next to the massive Mandrogin.

"So how do you like the City of One Gender?" The soprano-like voice softly whispers into your ear as his/her muscled arms hug you, his/her thick but delicately moving fingers molest your body in the most shameless ways...

"I- I..."

"Still so confused, mmm? Well, how about I give you some time to look around?" s/he lay on his/her back, his/her massive breasts rolled slightly to the sides, s/he played his/her abdominal muscles, invitingly sucked in his/her belly, moved his/her hips playfully, letting you enjoy this whole bodily landscape...

"Feel free to explore, traveler!.." s/he murmured. "Once you're confident enough, I'd like to learn more about your own homeland, too! I think I'd enjoy some in-depth study," s/he chuckled.

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