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Mahjong is a puz­zle game of match­ing tiles. Help to clear this con­fus­ing mess!! XD

There are many, many tiles with all kinds of pic­tures, but each pic­ture al­ways has an iden­ti­cal pair. The tiles are placed next and on top of each oth­er to form a puz­zle.

The rules to solve the puz­zle are very sim­ple, you have to pick two tiles, both of them not blocked from the left OR from the right by oth­er tiles (so you can freely shift it to the left or to the right), and the tile must al­so not have any­thing on top of it, block­ing it from above. So just se­lect two iden­ti­cal tiles that sat­is­fy this con­di­tion and they will be in­stant­ly re­moved from the board!

But since many tiles are blocked (can't be freely moved to the left or right), the ques­tion is what to re­move first and what would be wis­er to keep for lat­er? There are al­ways many forks and op­tions in the strat­e­gy!

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