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Lu­cianus gov­erns the vol­canos of Al­shara, the home to oc­cultists and their many imp­ish sum­mons.

He was born in the king­dom of Bedouinia and used to be a stu­dent at its Tem­ple of Aquar­ius, but since they banned de­mon sum­mon­ing (and he con­tin­ued to en­ter­tain his ob­ses­sion with the sexy imps re­gard­less), he got in trou­ble and had to flee to the un­in­hab­it­ed vol­canos, where no­body could find him.

There, he con­tin­ued his ex­per­i­ments in soli­tude and soon dis­cov­ered that the demons who nor­mal­ly hat­ed be­ing sum­moned, sud­den­ly felt at home near the vol­cano. He reached a high rep­u­ta­tion among the imps, who helped him to found a whole new king­dom, in which he was made the ruler, and since then the vol­canos are no longer un­in­hab­it­ed.

Lu­cianus signed a treaty with his for­mer Tem­ple and in­vit­ed oth­er mages who didn't mind to study an imp or two, and so his own Oc­cult Or­der was cre­at­ed.


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