Lichard's Throne

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Grave of the LightAs mentioned before, liches are typically princes and kings, so they come from very rich families and tend to keep this tendency to accumulate treasures, but since they kinda "turn evil" by becoming a lich, they start attracting all kinds of morons heroes wanting to take these treasures away from the "evil" lich.

Most of these rogues are simply turned into undead minions by the powerful lich, but specially annoying ones might suffer a greater punishment.

Add an extremely bored and extremely inventive mind and behold the nice throne crafted out of some minotaur terrorist who seemed to think "OH so if this lich is so rich, it's time for him to share with others!" Well... nope! I'm a rich lil' lich bitch, so fuck you, go suck on a pointed stake!

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