Let's Play Tug!

The game of Tug! This ad­dic­tive game has been the most pop­u­lar play­ground game around Bel­ti­more.

The play­er se­lect­ed to be "it" chas­es the oth­ers, at­tempt­ing to get close enough and suc­ceed in las­so­ing the cap­tured one's waist with a piece of rope, while the oth­ers try to es­cape. Once the rope en­cir­cles a play­er's waist, that play­er is con­sid­ered cap­tured and must im­me­di­ate­ly give up all strug­gle and stand still while "it" gets a whole minute (mea­sured with a hour­glass) to tug the rope around the cap­tive's waist all he likes. The rope must be soaked in oil or grease to make it nice and easy. All oth­er play­ers come close to watch the tug­ging. Af­ter the minute pass­es, the cap­tive be­comes the next "it" and gets the rope from the pre­vi­ous "it", then counts to ten to let every­body es­cape.

A more adult ver­sion of the game that old­er boys like to play, in­cludes a re­al las­so al­low­ing to cap­ture play­ers from afar. In this ver­sion "it" al­so wears a cow­boy hat, while the oth­ers wear dec­o­ra­tive an­i­mal horns. All play­ers in this ver­sion play top­less with their bod­ies oiled.

The game doesn't re­al­ly have a win­ner and is played con­tin­u­ous­ly just for the fun of play­ing. Or it can be al­so said that the los­er is the win­ner in this game be­cause get­ting tugged is the most pleas­ant part of the game, be­cause of that it's con­sid­ered po­lite to let each play­er get cap­tured at least once dur­ing the play­time.

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