Leonard 2006

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Awwwww...I've fi­nal­ly made him jus­tice XD
I'm so hap­py now! ^___^ *tugs at his tail*
The world is a bit brighter to­day ^^

Art is so in­ter­est­ing, just think of it, this beau­ty was nev­er ever here and to­day it's be­come part of this world! :D So amaz­ing! That's why I can nev­er cease to won­der at what artists (even my­self cuz I nev­er know be­fore­hands) come up with! LOL! It's so in­trigu­ing ^^

Ah, by the way if you re­mem­ber your fairy­tales, Leonard is what they some­times call the goat rep­re­sent­ing the dev­il dur­ing the black sab­bath, whose be­hind is to be kissed by the witch­ers and dark acolytes :o)

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