Leilani's Breakfast

This time some­thing com­pletele­ly dif­fer­ent: the pose in­vent­ed by me but us­ing Rad­i­calEd­ward84's char­ac­ter :D When he men­tioned Leilani is stub­born when it comes to get­ting more skilled and would in­cor­po­rate con­tor­tion in­to every­thing she does it gave me an idea XD

Al­so a lit­tle ex­pla­na­tion is in or­der: Leilani was used to eat by walk­ing on the ta­bles in the tav­ern on all fours, with her back bent back­wards, and mov­ing like an oc­to­pus from one ta­ble to an­oth­er, putting her fin­gers and toes in oth­er peo­ple's dish­es to get a small taste of every­thing. She could do all that and, be­ing an ex­cel­lent es­cape artist, she could al­ways get away with it (lit­er­al­ly).

Good peo­ple of course thought she has no man­ners at all and kept try­ing to ed­u­cate her that a good per­son is sup­posed to: 1) sit by the ta­ble, 2) have her el­bows on the ta­ble, and 3) have her legs un­der the ta­ble as she eats. She thought there for a while and fig­ured it's the best idea she'd ever heard from peo­ple's eti­quette sys­tem and she want­ed to prove she is a good per­son ^-^

Leilani be­longs to Rad­i­calEd­ward84 ©

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