Fol­low­ing Rad­i­calEd­ward84's sec­ond sug­ges­tion for a con­tor­tion pose ^^ I ad­mit that I tried to keep it sim­ple be­cause I was afraid the pose wouldn't work out, but I'm glad I chose this sim­ple an­gle al­so be­cause her face could be seen ^^

Leilani grew in a halfling cir­cus where she learned con­tor­tion; she want­ed to con­quer this po­si­tion prob­a­bly ever since she first got in­ter­est­ed in be­ing a con­tor­tion­ist.

Her first achieve­ment was be­ing able to bend her neck far enough back­wards to lay the top of hear head be­tween her own shoul­derblades. Fur­ther curv­ing of her back was fair­ly sim­ple and she even­tu­al­ly learned to sit on the floor and curl her spine around her own head all the way un­til she lay her chin on the floor. But while do­ing so, her hips would nat­u­ral­ly get lift­ed up, pulled up­wards by the bend, as the length of her spine wasn't enough to ful­ly wrap it around the head.

There she once again got stuck for a long time, try­ing to push her hips all the way down to the floor. For con­tor­tion­ists, it's fair­ly ad­vanced even be­ing able to sit on one's own head but to sit in front of one's own face? As far as she was con­cerned, no­body ever achieved that in the his­to­ry of ever!

But Leilani is a stub­born girl and de­cid­ed she has no right to say it's im­pos­si­ble un­til she tries re­al hard. Month af­ter month she spent a cou­ple of hours in the morn­ing and a cou­ple of hours in the evening just push­ing her­self. Even­tu­al­ly she learned to no­tice even the slight­est progress to­ward her goal and she cal­cu­lat­ed she can get just a cou­ple of mil­lime­ters fur­ther when she ful­ly re­lax­es. She then dis­cov­ered that the right key to this goal is deep re­lax­ation rather than push­ing by force, so she pur­chased a green mat and the nicest mu­sics she could find.

In­spired by her re­newed progress, she start­ed spend­ing up to an hour on the mat with­out chang­ing the po­si­tion and just try­ing to make sure not a sin­gle mus­cle is strained. Week af­ter week she went fur­ther mil­lime­ter by mil­lime­ter. In the end she could al­most phys­i­cal­ly feel how far her in­di­vid­ual ver­te­bras stand from each oth­er at the peak of her "med­i­ta­tion". Her spine's length could in­crease by at least 10-15% now, thanks to many months of prac­tice.

It's been over­all over a year of hard dai­ly work but she even­tu­al­ly did it. She couldn't even ful­ly be­lieve it her­self as for her this was more like a dream-like po­si­tion, but she fi­nal­ly did some­thing that even all ex­perts con­sid­ered to be im­pos­si­ble to do.

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