L'amouriel, the God of Love

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Lam­ouriel, the el­ven God of Love ^.^

No­body knows any­more what plan­et or world the elves orig­i­nal­ly came from. They've set­tled in many worlds but nev­er been able to have chil­dren to­geth­er with any oth­er species or races.

Even their bod­ies were too dif­fer­ent, they're too lim­ber, too grace­ful, too beau­ti­ful and... sad­ly too weak. Be­cause of that, in every world where they set­tled they first and fore­most sought pro­tec­tion of those more adapt­ed and stronger than them. It was quite easy every time be­cause the elves were very fair and in ex­change of­fered their own best qual­i­ty, their beau­ty.

With their slen­der, flex­i­ble bod­ies they in­deed brought a lot of beau­ty to every world where they set­tled.

Of course, none of the elves was of­fi­cial­ly a pros­ti­tute. They had all sorts of pro­fes­sions: gar­den­ers, dancers, medics... But gar­den­ers al­ways end­ed up in the bush­es, dancers in some­one's lap, medics ful­fill­ing the last wish of dy­ing sol­diders, dy­ing to grab some soft el­ven ass...

Mas­sive­ly turn­ing in­to sluts was their ab­solute­ly con­scious­ly cho­sen sur­vival tac­tics, since they were the weak­est of all races. Their bod­ies were too much un­like all oth­ers, they had too much car­ti­lage, which was ex­cel­lent for be­com­ing dancers and body-ben­ders of all kinds, but even the elves raised and trained as sol­diers in the lands of bar­bar­ians still re­mained pa­per sol­diers on a re­al bat­tle­field. At best they made good hook­er nin­jas, with a heavy em­pha­sis on hook­er, or el­ven as­sas­sins, which could be short­ened to "el­ven ass" with­out los­ing too much in essence.

Thus, Love had a sa­cred mean­ing to the elves. It was the means of their own sur­vival, as well as their gift to the world(s).

L'amouriel wasn't wor­shipped by any races oth­er than the elves, but to the elves he was pret­ty much the main de­ity and the per­son­al­iza­tion of their sur­vival as a pret­ty weak race. L'amouriel was seen as the ide­al mas­ter of every­thing that was even re­mote­ly erot­ic or at­trac­tive, so for every elf he was the ab­solute source of in­spi­ra­tion.

The elves loved their God of Love and it was not at all blas­phe­mous to de­pict L'amouriel in any erot­ic or sex­u­al sit­u­a­tion. The on­ly for­bid­den theme was to de­pict him in ca­su­al ways com­plete­ly de­void of all sorts of eroti­cism, but since that was im­pos­si­ble to achieve in the first place, since any in­no­cent sit­u­a­tion can be in­ter­pret­ed in an ex­treme­ly erot­ic light, so L'amouriel was pret­ty much im­mune to blas­phe­my and some­one was yet to be born to be pun­ished for of­fend­ing this God.

The Hymns to L'amouriel were sung on­ly in Elf­skrit, an an­cient el­ven lan­guage, every sound of which was de­rived di­rect­ly from the most pas­sion­ate sounds of Love. Here's an ex­am­ple:

"Squirt 'ah yeah mmm 'ah hn-ha
Ohhh-yeah slurp 'uh mmm ah­ha!"

This po­em rough­ly trans­lates as "let me lick Thine slen­der legs all the way down to Thy feet and then suck on Thine sug­ar-sweet toes, and then let me go all the way up as well and..." some­thing along these lines.

Ac­tu­al­ly this is pret­ty in­no­cent, most of the Hymns were very graph­ic and thus very very sa­cred, re­vealed on­ly to the high priests of L'amouriel, and to be­come such a priest one had to com­plete a long pil­grim­age and bring back a lot of re­ports in the form of rich­ly il­lus­trat­ed hot sto­ries.

One couldn't be­come a priest with­out be­ing a trained artist in the style that is quite sim­i­lar to the Japan­ese man­ga. These il­lus­trat­ed el­ven sto­ries make quite a pop­u­lar prod­uct on their own and can be found on the shelves of every house in the world since they don't at all re­quire the knowl­edge of how to read to un­der­stand what's go­ing on, and are all of fan­tas­tic qual­i­ty.

The sto­ries do not on­ly show the beau­ti­ful elves tak­en in every imag­in­able po­si­tion but al­so demon­strate the scope of their ad­ven­tures and the vast­ness of the world, as the el­ven pil­grims are very kind­ly wel­comed by every race and coun­try with­out ex­cep­tion and some­times had to be guests for longer than planned, so some of these scrip­tures can be ex­treme­ly long and epic and full ver­sions can be on­ly found in li­braries.

But of course none of these sto­ries would be pos­si­ble with­out L'amouriel, who is seen as the guardian and in­spi­ra­tion of the en­tire el­ven race ^.^

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