Kurayami's Story

Ku­raya­mi was born in the poor­est dis­trict of the un­der­ground city of Tech­nic­ca, and end­ed up in the or­phan­age as her par­ents couldn't take care of her. The doc­tors at the or­phan­age was ex­treme­ly wor­ried about her con­di­tion but were de­ter­mined to do every­thing it takes to nurse her back to nor­mal.

Soon the or­phan­age was vis­it­ed by a com­mi­tee that would pick some chil­dren to give them a bet­ter pur­pose in life, and so lit­tle Ya­mi's fu­ture was set to send her to the ex­ter­nal world to the nin­ja camp in Guenii.

Tech­nic­cans were the ones who es­tab­lished the caste of nin­jas in the first place, to serve as guards of Tech­nic­ca's en­trance in the moun­tains, as well as the spies of Tech­nic­ca in the out­side world.

Ku­raya­mi end­ed up in the Nankot­su Clan, led by the new young leader Nishi Hidekazu, al­ready in­fa­mous for hav­ing set the high­est stan­dards of flex­i­bil­i­ty for all of his clan's mem­bers.

As an im­por­tant guest from Tech­nic­ca, Ku­raya­mi be­came a dis­ci­ple of Nishi him­self. Un­der his guid­ance she quick­ly learned to con­trol her body and move with an amaz­ing soft­ness and free­dom. But hav­ing the Tech­nic­can genes, if she on­ly want­ed she could do al­most any im­pos­si­ble thing with her body. Most of the time she would spent with Nishi, so the rest of the camp could on­ly guess what they were up to...

But Ya­mi didn't live in a com­plete iso­la­tion and had many friends in the clan, free to demon­strate her abil­i­ties when she wasn't busy with her mas­ter. But when­ev­er the leader was out to sit on his chair in the main hall, Ku­raya­mi would stand to his right, on­ly wait­ing for an or­der.

The leader liked to sit in the hall as his fa­vorite amuse­ment was to watch what his peo­ple were made of, as well as see the vi­su­al­iza­tion of var­i­ous tac­ti­cal plans for es­pi­onage mis­sions and pro­vide his cor­rec­tions. When it was time for the mem­bers of the clan to show their skills, Ku­raya­mi would al­ways be or­dered to join the show. She would usu­al­ly set the flex­i­bil­i­ty plank for oth­ers, even though her de­gree of stretch­ing would be al­most im­pos­si­ble to re­peat, but many tried.

She in­spired oth­ers to work a lot hard­er on their flex­i­bil­i­ty. The best of them was Kage­maru, an­oth­er or­phan who lost his par­ents when he was on­ly four and was picked by the clan's man while sleep­ing un­der a bridge. Among every­one, Kage­maru got the clos­est to every­thing that Ku­raya­mi could do. The two end­ed up as very close friends, so much that peo­ple start­ed con­fus­ing their names and end­ed up start­ing to call them sim­ply Kage and Ya­mi.

A friend­ship be­tween nin­jas usu­al­ly meant much more than just a friend­ship.
"One day I'll be as good as you. I promise," Kage whis­pered in­to Ya­mi's lips af­ter a pas­sion­ate kiss.

"Mm," Ya­mi blushed hard. The em­barass­ment, how­ev­er, was not be­cause of lay­ing naked on the soft sheets be­ing squished by the boy. All nin­jas knew way too well the art of "in­ter­twin­ing the legs". It was the shame of mak­ing Kage work so hard on get­ting what Ya­mi him­self got al­most for noth­ing, sim­ply thanks to her Tech­nic­can genes. But Ya­mi was ab­solute­ly for­bid­den to tell any­thing about her Tech­nic­can ori­gins to any­body.

"What did you do to make your ribs so soft?" asked Kage. Ya­mi's ribs were in­deed so sup­ple that for Kage it felt al­most like lay­ing on a pil­low.

"Uh... It's just..." Ya­mi looked aside, em­barassed that she couldn't pos­si­bly tell her lover the truth. "Umm, I sup­pose you could soft­en yours a lit­tle if you asked Yoko to sit on your chest from time to time maybe?" That was a to­tal­ly wild guess.

"Oh, great idea Ya­mi!" Kage buried his face in­to that soft ribcage of his lover, feel­ing every rub­bery rib against his cheeks. "Ya­mi..."


"When I get as good as you, let's make a joint show for the boss? I'll be mov­ing com­plete­ly in sync with you..."

"Like a shad­ow?" [Kage no yōna?]

Kage gig­gled. "Oh yes! They don't call me Kage for noth­ing. I bet the boss would think it's cool."

"Oh, he would be very suprised," Ya­mi nod­ded, smil­ing. A sud­den glimpse of hope bright­ened her face. If Kage could re­al­ly get that good, maybe the leader would con­sid­er send­ing them on mis­sions to­geth­er. That'd be great... and they could try to make love some­where in a ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem...

"Every­thing's al­right?" asked Kage, study­ing his beloved's face. Ya­mi was star­ing at him like nev­er be­fore. Her eyes seemed even black­er and shinier than usu­al.

"Y- yes... Please do your very very best, Kage! Be­cause I re­al­ly want to do that joint show with you."

"I will!" Kage­maru nod­ded with ut­ter de­ter­mi­na­tion in his eyes and voice. "I swear I'm gonna make Yoko push me twice as hard, when it's for y..." the phrase drowned in an­oth­er long kiss be­fore it was fin­ished.

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