Ku­raya­mi was born with a body that was un­nat­u­ral­ly nim­ble, and be­cause she couldn't move like nor­mal healthy chil­dren, her al­co­holic par­ents called her use­less and abused her, then end­ed up sell­ing her to slav­ery for good.

The lit­tle girl was turned in­to a rub­ber toy for the kids of a no­ble fam­i­ly, how­ev­er, didn't last long in that house as she was kid­napped by the nin­ja clan Nankot­su, whose lead­ers want­ed to make her the mas­cot of the clan. Nankot­su meant "car­ti­lage", re­fer­ring to the train­ing sys­tem of its nin­jas, which fo­cused al­most en­tire­ly on flex­i­bil­i­ty, and so Ku­raya­mi was a dream-like mas­cot to have for such a clan!

Al­though her main mo­ti­va­tion for nin­ja train­ing in the clan's do­jo was to find and kill both of her par­ents, in re­al­i­ty she was too weak and not al­lowed to go on mis­sions. She didn't need any con­tor­tion train­ing at all, be­ing the most flex­i­ble liv­ing be­ing in the clan and most prob­a­bly in the whole coun­try! But a lot of mus­cle train­ing was re­quired to be able to even stand up and move nor­mal­ly.

Train­ing was very dif­fi­cult for her, since it felt a lot eas­i­er and more com­fort­able to just lay some­where, fold­ed in half or more, which her body seemed to love the most. Stand­ing up and walk­ing was quite un­com­fort­able, but she tried to do that as of­ten as pos­si­ble, and even tried to learn dance and ac­ro­bat­ics in hope that one day she will be ready to go on re­al mis­sions...

But Ku­raya­mi is not a claw­less cat, she is well trained to han­dle her two short katanas in case of true emer­gency, though more reg­u­lar­ly they're used to en­ter­tain the clan's leader and oth­er mem­bers with some danc­ing and ac­ro­bat­ics.

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