Kill Bill Not Kenny

Ken­ny tired of the bas­tards killing him all the time, so he's gonna mas­ter some Kung Fu as a good means of self-pro­tec­tion XD

So I thought I'd draw Ken­ny as the Or­ange Nin­ja :D

I'm re­al­ly proud of the hood be­cause it looks very close to the orig­i­nal ^^ and it took me a lot of time to fig­ure out. Just to avoid mis­un­der­stand­ing, Ken­neth is blond but his coat's in­side fur is dark brown.

It's my sec­ond trib­ute to South Park af­ter Pip, Woo-Hoo! <3
And dammit, I give South­park char­ac­ters such long legs it's just scary! O.o

Hope you like this ver­sion of Ken­neth ^^

South Park and its char­ac­ters © Trey Park­er and Matt Stone
Kill Bill © Quentin Taran­ti­no

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