Ki­gash is a vast rain­for­est that spreads around Ki­wi­ka, the Tree of Life. It's known for its sun­ny beach­es, trop­i­cal cli­mate and the friend­ly at­ti­tude and car­ing hands of the scant­i­ly clad, tanned na­tives. Health care is the main source of in­come for Ki­gash. It's not on­ly the big re­sort around the Tree of Life, but al­so a bunch of small­er places near the beach­es and even up in the trees!

Mas­sages of all kinds are the fa­vorite hob­by of near­ly every­one in this province. The na­tives don't need wine and weed to be hap­py, as long as they get their fa­vorite mas­sage, and some­times it can last for hours, luck­i­ly they're nev­er short on masseurs.

While the trop­i­cal cli­mate is gen­er­al­ly very re­vi­tal­iz­ing, some­times it's way too re­vi­tal­iz­ing... Very of­ten, even the deads come back to life, though not in the best pos­si­ble men­tal con­di­tion. These un­deads are ob­sessed with twist­ing and con­tort­ing their bod­ies and their bite can spread the in­san­i­ty even to the liv­ing! If noth­ing is done to soothe the un­deads, whole vil­lages can quick­ly turn in­to a mass of spine­less worms, squirm­ing and ob­ses­sive­ly try­ing to find out how far they can twist each oth­er.

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