Kaa's Disciple

Af­ter Mowgli be­came Kaa's dis­ci­ple, his ex­er­cis­es in­spired half of the jun­gle to get more lim­ber. Most­ly the Ban­dar-log, as they al­ways felt in­se­cure about the "log" in their name and sought to prove they're more like Ban­dars than logs.

Bagheera on­ly hmpf'ed and said that back­bends are for lit­tle chil­dren, and she still re­mains as the queen of front­bends! She was very proud, though, when Mowgli be­gan to take front­bend lessons from her and soon learned to give his own butt a tight hug. "Now, that's flex­i­bil­i­ty," Bagheera smirked.

[small]A screen cap­ture from the So­vi­et Russ­ian car­toon "Mowgli" (1973). I watched this adorable car­toon, it's en­tire­ly made of epic win and the an­i­ma­tion is sim­ply great! I think the best/clos­est/most beau­ti­ful­ly made adap­ta­tion of "The Jun­gle Boku" ever! And Mowgli moves a lot like he's made of rub­ber XD Sur­pris­ing­ly, Bagheera is fe­male in the So­vi­et ver­sion, in the orig­i­nal book Bagheera is a male pan­ther. But it feels a lot more nat­ur­al this way some­how.[/small]

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