Jelly Demon 2.0

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Prob­a­bly you've al­ways been won­der­ing how the hell some peo­ple's bod­ies are so un­god­ly flex­i­ble? Don't be­lieve a word when they tell you it takes "years and years of hard train­ing!"

All you have to do is sum­mon the de­mon known as the Jel­ly De­mon who is known for suck­ing stiff­ness out of mor­tal spines and this de­mon has al­ready been de­scribed in the fol­low­ing ar­ti­cle writ­ten ear­li­er:

Once the de­mon sucks out the stiff­ness, the one ob­tains the abil­i­ty to bend like rub­ber and make a lot of mon­ey just show­ing off at the mar­ket­place... But the com­mon feel­ing of all so called "con­tor­tion­ists" who ac­com­plished the rit­u­al in the past and now are fa­mous peo­ple, is the feel­ing "what more can I do, now?"

Yes, ul­ti­mate flex­i­bil­i­ty comes along with the re­al­iza­tion of the ul­ti­mate lim­it. No mat­ter how flex­i­ble you are, you'll nev­er be able to bend more than in half back­wards. And that's where this sec­ond (yet not fi­nal) form of the Jel­ly De­mon comes in to help...

On­ly three to three and a half con­tor­tion­ists in the world are con­firmed to have con­tact­ed him which sug­gests that the price is so high that al­most no­body dares. At least one thing is known for sure that no mor­tal through­out the doc­u­ment­ed his­to­ry has yet reached fur­ther than the sec­ond form of the de­mon.

Per­haps in the very an­cient past peo­ple were able to con­tact even greater forms of him but they were made so flex­i­ble, near­ly liq­uid, and slipped in­to the deep­est holes of the dark­est caves, hav­ing turned in­to some­thing that lat­er evolved in­to what we know to­day as worms and snakes...

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