Jack's Dad

As men­tioned in the ear­li­er pic, Jack was born with­out arms and legs, but his dad was a prac­tic­ing chi­ro­prac­tor and he found a spe­cial yo­ga sys­tem cre­at­ed in the past by a yo­gin who suf­fered a sim­i­lar prob­lem.

So Jack prac­ticed yo­ga since an ear­ly age and his flex­i­bil­i­ty com­pen­sat­ed a lit­tle bit for his lack­ing limbs, he grew to be phys­i­cal­ly fit and ac­tive and very full of life de­spite his dis­abil­i­ty.

Yo­ga al­so gave him a bright mind and good blood cir­cu­la­tion, so he grew to be a smar­tie, good with eco­nom­ics, com­put­ers, his­to­ry, health care, for­eign lan­guages, etc. And he was lucky to be born in the times when the in­tel­lect mat­tered much more than phys­i­cal in­tegri­ty.

Com­put­ers could be ma­nip­u­lat­ed in a thou­sand and one dif­fer­ent ways, for ex­am­ple one could use the eyes alone with spe­cial glass­es, by slight­ly widen­ing the eye lids one would is­sue clicks on the ob­jects on the screen that was pro­ject­ed right on­to the sur­face of the eye. So lit­er­al­ly the mod­ern com­put­er could be eas­i­ly turned in­to just a pair of glass­es, so you could eas­i­ly be­come an artist, a 3D mod­eller or even a com­pos­er com­plete­ly hands-free.

Com­put­ers al­lowed to work at home and you could be in­ter­viewed with­out even leav­ing home, so Jack didn't have to wor­ry much about find­ing a good job. Hav­ing good mon­ey, he could or­der pret­ty much any­thing to be de­liv­ered to his home: from all kinds of food, drinks and whores to elec­tron­ic de­vices and fur­ni­ture. He could hire a nurse or a guide who'd take him on a trip or even a trav­el when­ev­er he want­ed.

Of course all these things list­ed above would be rather ex­pen­sive but if he man­aged to find a re­al­ly good job he could use all that, just say­ing :3

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