Jack in the Box

Jack was born hav­ing nei­ther arms nor legs. Hav­ing tried to find every­thing about rais­ing a child with such dis­abil­i­ty, his par­ents dis­cov­ered a spe­cial yo­ga sys­tem cre­at­ed by a gu­ru from In­dia who had a sim­i­lar prob­lem due to an ac­ci­dent.

De­spite the par­ents weren't in­to things like yo­ga or con­tor­tion­ism, they made tons of re­search on the sub­ject and made sure to raise Jack as a phys­i­cal­ly ac­tive boy de­spite the lack of the im­por­tant limbs.

Month by month Jack would gain more and more con­trol over his body, even­tu­al­ly he learned to eat, drink, draw, read books, dress and un­dress, and much more. He de­vel­oped a very flex­i­ble neck, the strongest teeth and such good back mus­cu­la­ture that he could bend back­wards just by strain­ing his mus­cles as long as the low­er body was fixed in some way - this was his unique ver­sion of "push-ups" to keep him­self flex­i­ble and strong.

Thanks to sev­er­al TV shows he be­came quite fa­mous, which let him trav­el around the world with his friends and fam­i­ly - he per­formed in Chi­na and Japan where he be­came ex­treme­ly pop­u­lar.

Jack ma­tured very ear­ly, most­ly be­cause he phys­i­cal­ly couldn't waste his en­tire child­hood on videogames, so he had tons of free time for read­ing.

Nowa­days de­spite his young age (he's 19 in the pic­ture) Jack works from home for a con­sult­ing com­pa­ny and knows a great deal about eco­nom­ics and fi­nances, com­put­ers, his­to­ry, health care, and much more (hav­ing stud­ied every­thing on his own) - while at the same time he keeps work­ing hard on his phys­i­cal train­ing and does a per­for­mance in the lo­cal cir­cus a few times a week, en­ti­tled "Jack in a box".

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