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Jack is one of the very few peo­ple in the world who were born with this dis­abil­i­ty of com­plete­ly lack­ing both arms and legs. Very luck­i­ly he was born to par­ents who didn't ques­tion his right to live even for a sec­ond, even though his dad was a doc­tor and knew too well that such a life wouldn't be easy. They nursed him to a pret­ty healthy child, al­though rather weak due to the sheer lack of avail­able ex­er­cis­es...

When Jack was 8 his dad fi­nal­ly found a cer­tain sys­tem that could be use­ful in Jack's case, it was a yo­ga sys­tem from In­dia, in­vent­ed by a gu­ru who had the very same body shape as Jack but more than a hun­dred years ago! But Jack's mom re­fused to do that with­out the boy's own agree­ment, so his dad im­pro­vised a lit­tle test by watch­ing some pro­gram on the tel­ly about the cir­cus and con­tor­tion­ists in par­tic­u­lar. That got Jack so cap­ti­vat­ed that he cried when his dad tried to change the chan­nel, so they let him watch the whole thing and then had to an­swer count­less ques­tions. Since the con­tor­tion be­came Jack's ab­solute fa­vorite thing and he be­gan ask­ing his par­ents more and more about it, un­til both par­ents had to agree that he was more than ready to start with his own train­ing. The yo­ga ex­er­cis­es even­tu­al­ly un­locked a bunch of new abil­i­ties for Jack, he be­came in­com­pa­ra­bly more mo­bile, healthy, and even start­ed get­ting some mus­cles.

Since he was very much lim­it­ed in terms of play­ing with oth­er kids, he re­placed them with books that of­fered won­der­ful and ex­cit­ing sto­ries. But af­ter read­ing a few hun­dred books in less than a year, he fig­ured out that they're get­ting very repet­i­tive and he could even eas­i­ly pre­dict what most of the he­roes would do next and how the book would end. And then for the first time he tried to read some adult books...

The first adult book he read was some­thing about so­ci­ol­o­gy, for the first time he couldn't pre­dict what it's gonna be on the next page and that re­newed his in­ter­est. Sci­ence was def­i­nite­ly more ex­cit­ing than any fic­tion, and so dur­ing his teens Jack swal­lowed more lit­er­a­ture than an av­er­age uni­ver­si­ty stu­dent, at the same time nev­er for­get­ting about his pas­sion for con­tor­tion, usu­al­ly com­bin­ing both hob­bies at the same time.

By the age of 18 he al­ready knew pret­ty much what this world is all about and start­ed in­vest­ing his time in­to very spe­cif­ic sub­jects. By the age of 20 he turned $500 bor­rowed from his dad in­to $1,500,000 on his per­son­al bank ac­count, his own house and a pret­ty care­tak­er. He had done tons of prepa­ra­tions, his new house was about to be a dis­abled man's heav­en, it was not on­ly the most beau­ti­ful house but every small­est piece of fur­ni­ture was de­signed by him­self and for him­self. Pret­ty much every­thing was right on the heat­ed floor: the com­put­er, the bed, the kitchen and even the fridge was cus­tomized to be hor­i­zon­tal. Jack him­self got some pierc­ings, some new bud­dies and gen­er­al­ly learned how to en­joy his body to the max.

There was on­ly one thing that Jack could nev­er un­der­stand with his whole in­tel­lec­tu­al pow­er: why peo­ple want him to wear clothes? They were in­cred­i­bly un­com­fort­able to wear and dif­fi­cult to put on. Wouldn't it be eas­i­er for them to get used to the looks of his body, it was young, well-toned, shaved, mas­saged, washed twice a day, creamed and smelled very nice, so what was the prob­lem with it? Every time some­body paid him a vis­it, Jack had to hide all that beau­ty away... Well, at least his care­tak­er didn't mind him the way he was...


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