Impure Temptation - Magdalene

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Eri­ka re­cent­ly took the main role in the con­tro­ver­sial mu­sic video for the song "Mag­da­lene" by the band Im­pure Temp­ta­tion, which tells a sto­ry of a beau­ti­ful hook­er named Mary who se­duces her clien­tele with her stun­ning flex­i­bil­i­ty skills, un­til her broth­el is vis­it­ed by a fa­mous prophet who is of­ten seen chang­ing peo­ple's lives at the lo­cal mar­ket­place.

Mary is a bit thrilled to see this lo­cal celebri­ty en­ter the broth­el's hall right in the mid­dle of her do­ing one of her best and most flex­i­ble moves.

Sud­den­ly the lyri­cal acoustic in­tro ac­com­pa­ny­ing her lim­ber dance is bro­ken by a deep and pow­er­ful death met­al grunt com­ing from the prophet: "Arise from thy sin­ful de­for­ma­tion / And fol­low my lead to sal­va­tion!"

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