I did not lie

The young train­er did not lie when he promised to teach the boy how to bend the body like that, too!

A lit­tle fol­low-up to the pre­vi­ous pic­ture. The de­scrip­tion would be the same ^^

This time we can see what the young train­er looks like, too, thanks to Aldric who made a draw­ing of what he looks like, so I could draw him too :3

Isaë has been a great back­ben­der since child­hood and he's learned some tricks to keep his back so flex­i­ble. When Ar­il (on the top) be­came his stu­dent, he was nat­u­ral­ly quite lim­ber but not that much, so Isaë taught the boy by his own ex­am­ple.

Ar­il be­longs to me
Isaë be­longs to Aldric

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