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Though he may not look like it, Yralan is one of the strongest hook­ers and dis­ablers in the en­tire city of Teathill.

His com­bo of hoop danc­ing, gym­nas­tics and im­pec­ca­ble nu­di­ty prove more than suf­fi­cient to hook frag­ile trav­el­ling ad­ven­tur­ers.

His sig­na­ture abil­i­ty, Hu­la Hook, is a se­ries of ir­re­sistable danc­ing move­ments per­formed al­most on a sin­gle spot, af­fect­ing all ad­ven­tur­ers in the line of sight and deal­ing enor­mous amount of arousal to them.
Hooked trav­ellers are ful­ly dis­abled for the en­tire danc­ing se­quence and can be eas­i­ly lured in for more and more in­ter­est­ing deals, get­ting their purs­es emp­tied with a gyp­sy's ef­fec­tive­ness.

Likes to hide be­hind rocks and wait to am­bush his prey. When lust (for gold) strikes, he stands mo­tion­less be­hind a rock or un­der the cov­er of fo­liage, lis­ten­ing and watch­ing. When a care­less ad­ven­tur­er, like a horny bar­bar­ian, wan­ders close enough, Yralan grace­ful­ly walks out of his hid­ing spot, pin­ning the vic­tim with his blind­ing full frontal nu­di­ty.

Some­times this clever hook­er plays a sleep­ing elf, ex­pos­ing all his "trea­sures" to fool greedy ad­ven­tur­ers that might try to plea­sure them­selves to the sight of the "care­less nap­ping elf" for free, and right af­ter they're done he quick­ly wakes up and charges them for the show.

Few can keep their pre­cious gold on them when his play­ful fin­gers crawl in­to their pock­ets. Not that any­body was dis­ap­point­ed about these "in­vest­ments" so far as Yralan is known for of­fer­ing a lot of bonus­es and a fan­tas­tic ser­vice to make sure the clients "ac­ci­den­tal­ly" trav­el through his work­ing area again, when­ev­er they have some more gold to spend.

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