Happy 5th Birthday XD

Yup! To­day is the 5th b-day of my DA ac­count and now it's time to give a lit­tle love back to the com­mu­ni­ty! ^.^ <3

I'd love to thank every­body for their com­ments, though I feel I'll nev­er be­come one of those cool and poop­u­lar artists be­cause I tend to read ALL my com­ments and re­ply to teh most of them, de­spite the amount of work I have to do late­ly! And I guess many peo­ple think I'm creepy for that XD But good com­ments give a lot of food for thought and ba­si­cal­ly around 60-70% of my works were in­spired by var­i­ous con­vos, polls and jour­nals, so it means re­al­ly a lot to me ^.^

Thanks to the fel­low artists for all the in­spi­ra­tion, one good art­work al­ways in­spires some­thing else and it's an end­less chain of cre­ativ­i­ty and it's so crazy you can get in­spired by some­one who was in­spired by you, and that hap­pens pret­ty much all the time! Need­less to say how many times I tried to make a per­son­al web­site, but I could nev­er get in­spired just by sit­ting in the cor­ner, I re­al­ly need to FEEL that wave of cre­ati­tivy that comes every day from de­vWatch, dA's main page and chan­nels, etc, so I'm re­al­ly thank­ful for all the artists who share their works here ^-^ <3

And of course, thanks to DA for be­ing the awe­somest place to share Art!! ^.^

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