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In the future, male rhythmic gymnastics becomes a very popular and pretty sport! Unlike the gymnastics of today, the male gymnasts of the future are focused on presenting their national cultures for more exoticness :3 Usually something from the past that their country is best known for:

- for America it's the cowboys and the Mayans/Aztecs/etc
- for Japan it's the geishas and the ninjas
- etc, etc...

This theatrical aspect and the sexy outfits really boost the popularity of the once decaying rhythmic gymnastics and put gymnasts on the same level as rock singers and internet celebrities!

So here we have Germany+Austria :3 The junior gymnast on the left is from Schlangenjugend, the "snake youth" club in Berlin, and the senior one on the right belongs to Schlangenstaffel, the elite "snake squadron" XD

BOTH DESIGNS ARE NOT MINE!! Created by my good friend A.F. as part of our "Hoops Of Tomorrow: Male Rhythmic Gymnasts From All Over The World" project :3 It was also A.F.'s idea for doing the "foot heil" XD So this is just my take on it! :3

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