Goddess Akire

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Akire (ah-kee-REH) is one of the four ma­jor deities. Each of them sym­bol­izes var­i­ous as­pects of bal­ance.

God Nitram per­son­i­fies the bal­ance be­tween the two gen­ders. God­dess Yram (al­so known as Mm) the bal­ance be­tween sound and si­lence (day and night, work and re­lax­ation, etc). Akire rep­re­sents the bal­ance be­tween plea­sures and dif­fi­cul­ties ;P

The re­sults of one's work can on­ly be great if one works hard enough. No great work can be done with no dif­fi­cul­ties. If one is get­ting their re­sults in life too eas­i­ly, it means they're just not push­ing them­selves hard enough to use their full po­ten­tial and that's why it's easy.

You may lead an easy life, get some mediocre re­sults and be hap­py with it, but that's not what this god­dess is about. Akire is all about push­ing your­self be­yond the lim­its to get as much as you pos­si­bly can from the phys­i­cal body you've been giv­en at birth.

Akire's tem­ples and shrines are of­ten vis­it­ed by those whose train­ing is phys­i­cal­ly de­mand­ing, such as dancers and ac­ro­bats. The tem­ples can be very in­spir­ing for those who look to push their lim­its a bit more.

The tem­ples are dark in­side, their walls are lit with can­dles and paint­ed with bizarre but strange­ly en­cour­ag­ing erot­i­ca, and glis­ten­ing dots that shine like a star­ry sky. Nich­es con­tain sculp­ture groups that look al­most like re­al peo­ple in the light of the can­dles.

The themes get much dark­er and worse to­ward the main al­tar room, which even­tu­al­ly re­veals a grotesque sculp­ture of the god­dess im­paled on a long stake while ca­ress­ing her­self. A foun­tain of holy wa­ter is built in­to the crotch of the sculp­ture, giv­ing the im­pres­sion of per­pet­u­al or­gas­ming. The holy wa­ter has pain-re­liev­ing and heal­ing prop­er­ties and can be used for drink­ing, wash­ing one's face, or can be col­lect­ed in a ves­sel for lat­er use.

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