Ruled by Mycelia, Fun­gaard en­tire­ly con­sists of dark and mys­te­ri­ous woods, full of swamps and the huts of the witch­es. These sexy hip­pie tree lovers make it re­al­ly hard to tell if they're male or fe­male be­cause they all ap­pear ex­clu­sive­ly as girls, and on­ly lat­er you may or may not get trapped... there's no way to pre­dict that as some male witch­es like to grow breasts and some fe­male witch­es pre­fer their chests flat.

How is that they can "pre­fer" such things? Well, that's the main fea­ture of this king­dom: the mag­i­cal mush­rooms that al­low to al­ter the phys­i­cal bod­ies. Usu­al­ly trav­el­ers avoid this king­dom at all costs, since deal­ing with the witch­es is pret­ty dan­ger­ous as they can eas­i­ly turn you in­to their newest toy, sim­ply by splash­ing a mag­i­cal po­tion at you!

Even if the witch­es don't catch you, the mush­rooms sure will. These sleek hu­manoid crea­tures can morph their bod­ies in al­most every way to cre­ate the sexy scenes that will hyp­no­tize you and make you par­tic­i­pate. But since the witch­es make their po­tions from the juices ob­tained from these very mush­rooms, the fi­nal ef­fect will be the same!

The mush­rooms them­selves are pret­ty much body parts of Mycelia, who is a gi­ant crea­ture that stretch­es all over the king­dom and can spawn her mush­rooms any­where in or­der to find food for her­self. She doesn't care much for hu­man meat but very much for the de­li­cious juices that can be squeezed out of some meaty parts of hu­man bod­ies. And since hu­mans can be "milked" al­most every hour, she doesn't let them go that eas­i­ly, her en­zymes caus­ing all sort of mu­ta­tions to bind hu­mans to her place.

Of course, all mush­rooms them­selves are bound to the ground, de­tach­ing a mush­room from the ground would be pret­ty much like cut­ting off Mycelia's fin­ger! But don't think you can es­cape by climb­ing up a tree, for the trees are home to the snails, who are the mush­rooms' best bud­dies, com­plete­ly oiled up with the mush­room juices, so touch­ing the snails pret­ty much has the same ef­fect as the last mush­room they rubbed against XD

So if you want a safe trav­el to Fun­gaard, it's def­i­nite­ly wise to avoid strolling right through the wild and vis­it the Tem­ple of Capri­corn in­stead. It's the res­i­dence of the "friend­ly" witch­es who agree to treat you well... for a price! The price is pret­ty high but of­fers a wide range of body trans­for­ma­tions at Your re­quest: breast en­large­ment or re­duc­tion, gen­der change, ad­di­tion of an­i­mal­is­tic fea­tures, changes to the in­ter­nal or­gans al­low­ing to wear im­pos­si­ble corsets or bend like a snake, you name it. The Tem­ple's witch­es know how to get al­most any de­sired ef­fect.

Thanks to A.F. for help­ing with ideas ^^

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