First Sight

The first meet of the mus­cled and ex­pe­ri­enced knight Krieg and the slen­der lim­ber cadet Xim! ^o^

The weath­er was noth­ing spe­cial and Xim was just idling in the street since he grad­u­at­ed from the flight acad­e­my last week, which he didn't even prop­er­ly cel­e­brate yet, even though he spent five long years train­ing his slim body to pack in­side the tiny pa­trolling hov­er­craft and his re­flex­es to be­come an ace at fly­ing, and to­day he was fi­nal­ly ap­ply­ing for his very first re­al job, but the of­fi­cials told him to wait out­side and it's been al­ready twen­ty min­utes of wait­ing...

Sud­den­ly Xim saw a knight in shin­ing ar­mor cross­ing the street and ap­proach­ing him. He was get­ting clos­er and clos­er. "Knights have gor­geous bod­ies," this idle thought crossed Xim's mind. He re­al­ly liked big guys, there was a feel­ing of safe­ty while stand­ing next to them that al­most made Xim melt, though he didn't dare to get close to one yet and was still a vir­gin him­self. The man walked very close and now was pass­ing by right in front of Xim. He was wear­ing sun­glass­es so it was im­pos­si­ble to tell if he's al­so look­ing back at Xim, but Xim sure was star­ing at him with all his cu­rios­i­ty, pret­ty much un­dress­ing the man in his horny head.

"Tonight at the Space Bar," the man sud­den­ly half-whis­pered with­out even stop­ping, as if he didn't want any­body else to over­hear it.

"What?" Xim raised a brow and looked at the man very cu­ri­ous­ly, try­ing to com­pute what he just heard.

The man then stopped and looked at him over his shoul­der: "Aren't you a hook­er?"

"Er? No, I'm...I'm a pi­lot," Xim couldn't find any­thing bet­ter to say to such a strange ques­tion.

"A pi­lot?" not a sin­gle mus­cle moved on the knight's face. "Ah yes! The rook­ie from the acad­e­my? Apolo­gies for mis­tak­ing you for a hook­er, but you were giv­ing me quite a stare."

"Not at all!! If be­ing a hook­er means we can hit the Space Bar tonight, I don't mind be­ing one for a day..." Xim chuck­led as he was in­tend­ing to tell a joke, but then he im­me­di­ate­ly blushed hard af­ter re­al­iz­ing he just did quite a move to­ward that man.

"Er. Al­right. And be­ing a pi­lot, you can do all these...things that pi­lots can do, right?"

"What things?" Xim's mind was still some­where else.

"Well. Pi­lots have to be very stretchy to get in­side those tiny things," he point­ed at a small hov­er­craft that was just fly­ing above them by co­in­ci­dence.

"Ah! Wow, that boy is gooood!" Xim looked at the sky, shield­ing his eyes with his palm, un­til the tiny hov­er­craft dis­ap­peared be­hind a sky­scraper. "But sure! I can do that! Wan­na test me?"

Xim re­al­ly felt like show­ing a lit­tle bit now, as he felt kind of chal­lenged by the pi­lot who just flight­ed above their heads. He straight­ened his stance, then arched his bare tor­so, mov­ing his mid-tor­so for­ward and his shoul­ders back­wards with­out mov­ing his hip. His ribcage de­fined through his skin­ny chest and he fold­ed his tor­so so much that his shoul­ders pret­ty much lay on his low­er back. His spine pro­duced not the slight­est crack­ing sound, as if his tor­so was sim­ply made of rub­ber.

It took five years to make it this per­fect but the hard train­ing was worth it, as it pro­vid­ed the pi­lot with the cat­e­go­ry A li­cense that let one dri­ve that su­per small hov­er­craft with which one could get re­al­ly nice job of­fers. Xim was pret­ty proud to show his pro­fes­sion­al skills and every­one back in the flight acad­e­my kept telling him with such a body he was born to be a pi­lot, but Xim kept say­ing he wasn't nat­u­ral­ly flex­i­ble as a child and it's the hours of dai­ly work that made won­ders to his body.

Xim could swear the knight's cheeks red­dened at the sight of his de­fined ribcage and that slight blush prob­a­bly meant blush­ing very hard by the man's stan­dards.

"Nnnnot here... I'll get a pri­vate room," the knight clicked his shield and sum­moned the holo­graph­ic in­ter­face.

"W- wait, I can't leave now, I'm wait­ing for Mr. Krieg, I got­ta do a job in­ter­view first, then I'm yours to the rest of the day!"

"I am Krieg," the man smirked self-im­por­tant­ly, as if he de­vised a big and so­phis­ti­cat­ed mis­sion and plan and it just worked per­fect­ly. "They told me the new pi­lot ar­rived, so I hur­ried back to the of­fice, though I wasn't ex­pect­ing the sexy boy stand­ing there by the park­ing pole would be you."

"Oh! So you are..." Xim gulped when he re­al­ized they're not just go­ing to hit the bar once but he's ac­tu­al­ly go­ing to work for this man. Man, his life sucked so hard pri­or to this very day, but from this day on it's re­al­ly go­ing to blow! What a sheer stroke of luck. And this man blushed so hard see­ing his bend­ing skills, even though for Xim him­self stretch­ing was the most bor­ing chore but he was so good at it that this knight was prob­a­bly go­ing to be en­ter­tained by him. A LOT. Flex­i­bil­i­ty was cer­tain­ly the jok­er card here. So so lucky!

The knight nod­ded. "Let's go. And we can do your whole in­ter­view to a cou­ple of shots at the bar. I wan­na know all about you. And then you demon­strate some more of­fes­sion­al skills, maybe?"

"Sure!" Xim nod­ded im­me­di­ate­ly. He couldn't be­lieve his first work was go­ing to be so easy.

The knight fin­ished slid­ing his fin­gers over the holo­graph­ic sur­face and went ahead. Xim fol­lowed qui­et­ly be­hind his back, his head ready to ex­plode of all the ex­pec­ta­tions.


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