Feathered Snake v2

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Art in­spired by the Aztec god Quet­zal­coatl a.k.a. the Feath­ered Ser­pent.

I'm re­al­ly sor­ry I had to make the paenus so long but I re­al­ly had to make it look like a snake XD­DD

To think of it, it's ac­tu­al­ly a re­al fun­ny co­in­ci­dence it's called both a cock AND a one-eyed snake, huh? Maybe we should call it a quet­zal­coatl from now on... at least if it's 12+ inch­es and has lot­sa pu­bic hair... XD

Al­so: bird-like legs, snake-like body ^^

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