Erika's Exercises v2

Mary's cel­lar had a warmed wood­en floor and all kinds of train­ing de­vices along the wall. It didn't have a sin­gle win­dow but was well lit with warm ar­ti­fi­cial light, al­though a cou­ple of lamps al­ready broke and there was no man in the house to fix them. But Mary didn't even want to fix them, a bit less light was even bet­ter for what this room was used for.

The cel­lar was built by Mary's ex-hus­band who left her for a younger girl af­ter five years of mar­riage. Mary still lived in this house and used the cel­lar for her dai­ly yo­ga ex­er­cis­es.

Short­ly af­ter the di­vorce, Mary got the job of a yo­ga in­struc­tor in a fit­ness cen­ter near her house, and that's where she met Eri­ka, a cheer­ful teenag­er who just found some con­tor­tion pic­tures on the in­ter­net and sud­den­ly de­cid­ed to put all her col­lege-free time to be­come just as flex­i­ble.

At first Mary had ma­jor doubts about the girl's sud­den ob­ses­sion be­cause such things usu­al­ly last­ed un­til the first fail­ure. But af­ter just one day of ex­er­cis­ing Eri­ka's feet could touch the back of her own head and at the end of her first yo­ga ses­sion she man­aged to put her leg be­hind her head.

That quick progress sur­prised Mary and she in­vit­ed Eri­ka to take free pri­vate lessons at her home where they could ex­er­cise for a whole evening. Since then Mary didn't have to spend evenings alone stretch­ing in the cel­lar and she be­gan pass­ing all her knowl­edge to the younger gen­er­a­tion.

Eri­ka came every day af­ter five in the evening and they worked out so hard that by nine both were dead­ly tired and Mary let the girl sleep at her place, so Eri­ka usu­al­ly left Mary's house on­ly in the morn­ing to take a bus straight to her col­lege.

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