Erika at the Beach

"Are you com­ing, sweet­ie?"

"Yep yep, sor­ry!" Eri­ka was still sit­ting in front of her lap­top, "I just stum­bled up­on some­thing... Mary, you should see it!"

"Mmm okay... Oh dear! That's one ex­treme twist!"

"Right??" Eri­ka zoomed in to look clos­er. "Mary, have you ever seen a twist and a back­bend at the same time?"

"No, haven't seen any­thing like that... Who is this girl? Zla­ta?"

"No no, that's Tanya Bal­ah­n­i­na, she's my idol be­cause she al­so start­ed stretch­ing when she was al­ready 18 and now she's one of the most flex­i­ble girls in the world! In fact, she is al­so the rea­son that I met you be­cause every­body told me to give up hope to do any­thing ex­treme since I'm al­ready 18, but then some­one sent me a link to her video and said that that girl nev­er stretched be­fore she turned 18... I couldn't be­lieve my eyes, hon­est­ly! And then I went on search­ing for a train­er, and so I met you," Eri­ka stroked Mary's bare thigh gen­tly.

"Well, every­thing is pos­si­ble for a will­ing heart... I'm pret­ty sure we were des­tined to meet, though, this way or an­oth­er," Mary bent down to give her beloved a kiss on the cheek.

"Aww... I wan­na try this pose so bad­ly," Eri­ka was still star­ing at the screen.

"Well," Mary straight­ened and went to the door. "You can try it on the beach, I took a cam­era. To­day's go­ing to be su­per hot, so how about we try to make some su­per ex­treme pic­tures of you with the sun's help?"

"Oh yaaay! I'm com­ing," Eri­ka closed the lap­top, put on her san­dals and went through the door af­ter Mary.

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