Erika 2014

"Is this the yo­ga class?" Mary sud­den­ly heard a nice clean voice com­ing from the door. She turned to look at the pret­ty tomboy wear­ing light or­ange shorts and a black shirt, seem­ing­ly with­out even a bra un­der­neath.

"Y- yeah... sure, please come in," she nod­ded. The class was strange­ly emp­ty this morn­ing and the cutie was the first vis­i­tor. Mary won­dered if she'd be­come a stu­dent. She had a per­fect body for yo­ga, Mary thought while not be­ing able to take her sight off the teenag­er's nice­ly shaped bare legs. The things she could do with them with a prop­er train­ing... Mary sud­den­ly re­al­ly hoped that the girl didn't come in just to ask some­thing small and then leave for­ev­er.

" see," the girl spoke. "I found pic­tures on the in­ter­net and I got a bit ob­sessed but then I found more and more and it's re­al­ly beau­ti­ful what the body can do so I want­ed to learn that, too..."

"Wait, wait, what kind of pic­tures?.." Mary raised her brow at the some­what con­fus­ing be­gin­ning.

"Like, you know, sit­ting on your own head, putting your leg be­hind your back, bend­ing back­wards and stick­ing your head be­tween your own thighs... Ha­ha, now it sounds fun­ny as I de­scribe it, it looks so much bet­ter in pic­tures. So they teach all that here, right? Oh so I was told..."

"Yeah... I can teach all that... sort of..." Mary shrugged.

"Sort of?.." the girl sud­den­ly looked very in­ter­est­ed.

"Well, what you list­ed is quite ex­treme..."

"But I'm will­ing to learn!" some­thing in her tone sound­ed like she ac­tu­al­ly means that and she's not the kind of stu­dent who'd drop out af­ter a week of work.

"How old are you right now?"

"Just turned eight­teen last week, why?"

"Well, eight­teen is quite a late start for such things but it's not re­al­ly im­pos­si­ble, I sup­pose..."

"Oh nooo, that's al­right, I was told it might be a lot of hard work and even painful, but... I'll do every­thing, I promise!" she smiled with that kind of smile that killed the train­er's last doubts.

She said her name was Eri­ka and she took every­thing to pre­pare her­self for her first yo­ga les­son and was will­ing to start right away. Mary didn't mind at all, in fact in­ter­nal­ly she couldn't wait... Eri­ka went to change her clothes and re­turned wear­ing noth­ing but a black leo­tard.

"Would this do?" she looked at Mary, then turned around look­ing at her­self in the wall made of mir­rors.

"Y- yeah... it looks re­al­ly...... I mean, yes! Yes, it would fit per­fect­ly for the ex­er­cis­es," Mary blushed.

"Gee, in this I look like I could just sit in a split if I want­ed!" she kept turn­ing around in front of the mir­ror. "Even though I can't yet..." she jok­ing­ly stretched her arms up and arched back­wards, but her back made on­ly a slight curve. "Ahh I'm gonna do every­thing it takes to do a re­al bend one day!" she pout­ed at her re­flec­tion. "So then, we be­gin right now? I can't wait."

* * *

The next day Eri­ka came again but this time the class was a bit crowdy. When Mary helped her with a stretch the girl sud­den­ly whis­pered: "Why are these two fat­ties talk­ing about me? I feel un­com­fort­able." Mary looked at two slight­ly obese ladies sit­ting on the floor and talk­ing to one an­oth­er while des­per­ate­ly try­ing to bend for­ward to reach their own toes, but nei­ther of them could reach fur­ther than the knees.

"I thought it would be al­ways just like yes­ter­day," Eri­ka sighed. "Just you and me all day."

The tone of that "you and me" went like elec­tric­i­ty in­to Mary's ears and crawled through her en­tire body. In oth­er words she was pret­ty shocked in the nicest pos­si­ble way, even though that was the truth and yes­ter­day they in­deed had a lot of stretch­ing fun to­geth­er and not a sin­gle part of the young girl's body was left un­touched by her ex­pert hands. "Well, yes­ter­day the class was un­usu­al­ly emp­ty, I was sur­prised my­self..." Mary fi­nal­ly replied.

"Maybe it was fate then," Eri­ka gig­gled. "Gee, I still can't be­lieve you taught me so much in one day and now I can put my leg be­hind my head and I can put my feet on top of my head... wow, you're a re­al ma­gi­cian!"

"Oh no, you just have a lot of nat­ur­al flex­i­bil­i­ty, it seems. If you keep stretch­ing like that every day, you'll make a won­der­ful progress in no time!"

"So I was think­ you, erm...of­fer pri­vate lessons, maybe? I don't feel like I'd make much progress among them..." That was bru­tal­ly hon­est but she was right, for what she want­ed to achieve ex­er­cis­ing among girls who could bare­ly touch their feet would be very un­mo­ti­vat­ing.

"Yeah, I live next door from here," Mary an­swered, "I nev­er gave pri­vate lessons be­fore but I'm will­ing to make an ex­cep­tion for you be­cause I do have this feel­ing you'll short­ly be­come the best stu­dent I ever coached."

"Oh! But don't you have a fam­i­ly?"

"No, I'm di­vorced, but my ex left me a nice house."

"Di- di­vorced? But whyyy?" Eri­ka opened her young eyes re­al­ly wide.

"Umm...he mar­ried me when I was your age and was re­al­ly flex­i­ble, then sud­den­ly a man ap­peared who of­fered to pay me well for tak­ing pic­tures of me do­ing bendy pos­es for his web­site..."

"Oh so that's why I thought I saw you in some pic­tures I found!!" Eri­ka's eyes opened even wider. "So that -was- you af­ter all! I re­al­ly wasn't sure..."

"Prob­a­bly, he took hun­dreds of them, dress­ing me up in all kinds of strange out­fits... Some­times I thought he had no taste at all. But long sto­ry short, we dat­ed and mar­ried. We lived al­most five years to­geth­er, but then I ma­tured and wasn't as flex­i­ble as be­fore and he found a new bone­less teen and just left me out... He said that I made him re­al­ly hap­py but those days were over, but he want­ed to give me a great gift so we could sep­a­rate with­out hard feel­ings, so he gave me the house. It's not very big but I made it a re­al­ly nice place over the years. So then I sud­den­ly didn't want any more men in my life, so I start­ed do­ing yo­ga to feel less alone, I stretched re­al­ly hard to for­get about a deep­er pain and sur­pris­ing­ly I got a ma­jor part of my for­mer flex­i­bil­i­ty back. I showed some­thing at a neigh­bor's par­ty and some per­son sug­gest­ed I should be­come a yo­ga in­struc­tor in this school near­by. So this class was evening-on­ly back then and now I took the morn­ings."

"Oh that's so won­der­ful! Your life is all about stretch­ing your­self and stretch­ing oth­ers, now it's all about stretch­ing! That's so cool!!" Eri­ka was de­light­ed. "You're my hero! And I do want to be­come the best stu­dent you ever coached!"

"You will," Mary ruf­fled Eri­ka's page­boy hair­cut. "So you can come any day af­ter five in the evening or so and stay as long as you want. I al­so cook well, you will love it!"

"Aww, sor­ head just spinned imag­in­ing all that," Eri­ka had the hap­pi­est smile on her face. "Every­thing is go­ing so nice, I must be the luck­i­est per­son in the world!"

Mary felt her heart pound­ing even through her quite en­dowed chest. What is this teen talk­ing about, it's her who's the luck­i­est per­son in the world to train such a cutie. "W- why don't we go now? You wait in the street and I'll dis­miss the class for what­ev­er rea­son and join you."

* * *


"Ow what? Did it hurt? I'm sor­ry..." Mary im­me­di­ate­ly re­leased Eri­ka's body from the stretch.

"No no, I just re­mem­bered some­thing. We nev­er talked about pay­ment, did we? And I sup­pose yo­ga lessons aren't free? But... but see, I'm just a col­lege stu­dent and I'm all on my own in this city with­out much mon­ey..."

Mary sud­den­ly felt where it's go­ing but... oh well, she thought, Eri­ka was good enough to train just for free. It was all Mary's plea­sure, af­ter all.

"Say, do I look at­trac­tive to you?" Eri­ka sud­den­ly asked.

"Y- yes, very."

"­stead of mon­ey...I'll give you this..." Eri­ka reached and kissed Mary on the lips.

Eri­ka sud­den­ly stood away and blushed re­al­ly hard. "I...I nev­er of­fered this to any­one else be­fore, I mean it's just... you ac­ci­den­tal­ly touched my boobs so many times and I know it wasn't ac­ci­den­tal but it felt so good..."

In this very odd way Eri­ka be­came her yo­ga in­struc­tor's girl­friend. She want­ed to mas­ter every sin­gle thing that fas­ci­nat­ed her on the in­ter­net, while Mary got a new hob­by of mak­ing pic­tures and videos of her best stu­dent's progress. And that's how they lived for many years to fol­low, and once Eri­ka grad­u­at­ed from her col­lege they mar­ried. Many years lat­er, their adopt­ed daugh­ter be­came one of the most fa­mous con­tor­tion­ists in the world. Trained by her moms, she mas­tered a cou­ple of po­si­tions that were thought to be ab­solute­ly im­pos­si­ble in con­tor­tion.

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