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Born in the coun­try­side, Eri­ka moved to the city for ed­u­ca­tion and got re­al­ly ob­sessed with the In­ter­net. In par­tic­u­lar, the part of it where, as she fig­ured out, she wasn't the on­ly girl who wasn't in­to guys.

While fill­ing her lap­top with pic­tures of per­fect fe­male bod­ies, she sud­den­ly stum­bled up­on some im­ages of con­tor­tion­ists and end­ed up leav­ing tons of com­ments un­der them, won­der­ing how a woman can even get so flex­i­ble be­cause it looked so per­fect!?

Some users sug­gest­ed to maybe try a yo­ga gym, which she did, not on­ly learn­ing to sit on her own head in just a few months, pow­ered by her amaz­ing en­thu­si­asm for the new hob­by, but al­so find­ing her life's crush, the yo­ga teacher Mary.

Lat­er the gym ac­cept­ed a new reg­u­lar trainee named Mar­tin, an ef­fem­i­nate guy whom Eri­ka al­so loved at first sight be­cause she in­stant­ly took him for a pret­ty girl, but then it was too late and since he was loved he couldn't be unloved XD

Mar­tin in­vit­ed both Eri­ka and Mary to live in the es­tate of his rich un­cle Bri­an, who al­so hap­pened to be his slight­ly old­er gay lover. All of them sud­den­ly formed such a per­fect four­some that they still live in Bri­an's es­tate ever since.

Eri­ka's biggest pas­sion is nud­ism, she's one of those peo­ple who dream to live in the world where every­body is naked. Alas, it's on­ly pos­si­ble in some of her dreams, where she usu­al­ly lives in a small nud­ist vil­lage. Oth­er than that, she tends to fa­vor pub­lic pools and beach­es since peo­ple can wear the amount of clothes that's al­most ide­al for her taste.

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