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Born in a vil­lage, Eri­ka moved to the big city for ed­u­ca­tion in her late teens. There she got a good in­ter­net con­nec­tion for the first time in her life!

The amount of in­fos she found gave her a lot of new ideas. For ex­am­ple "who needs guys when girls are so much pret­ti­er!" and al­so "how in the hell peo­ple can be so in­hu­man­ly flex­i­ble??"

She stud­ied these two ar­eas very thor­ough­ly, leav­ing tons of com­ments and oth­er traces of her ex­cite­ment. Fi­nal­ly some users sug­gest­ed that maybe she should go and take some yo­ga class­es if she's so crazy about it!

Eri­ka was very sur­prised to find an ac­tu­al yo­ga gym near­by, which gave her not on­ly a new hob­by but her first crush, the yo­ga teacher Mary. Spend­ing count­less hours in the gym and even more at Mary's home, they quick­ly trained Eri­ka to do all the flex­i­ble pos­es she could dream of, af­ter all the whole child­hood spent in the vil­lage gave her a su­per healthy body.

Lat­er the gym ac­cept­ed a new reg­u­lar trainee named Mar­tin, an ef­fem­i­nate guy whom Eri­ka al­so loved at first sight be­cause she in­stant­ly took him for a pret­ty girl, but then it was too late and since he was loved he couldn't be unloved XD

Mar­tin in­vit­ed both Eri­ka and Mary to live in the es­tate of his rich un­cle Bri­an, who al­so hap­pened to be his slight­ly old­er gay lover. All of them sud­den­ly formed such a per­fect four­some that they still live in Bri­an's es­tate ever since.

Eri­ka is a big dream­er and has tons of vivid dreams about her­self bend­ing and fool­ing around all sorts of re­al and fan­ta­sy worlds. Some­times she's a dairy maid in Sup­ple­ham, some­times prince Mar­tin's page girl, some­times a ma­gi­cian's as­sis­tant, some­times even a god­dess of pain and plea­sures XD

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