Erik the Jester

"Mary, Mary! I saw such an awe­some dream!!" Eri­ka ran in­to the kitchen, her hair still com­plete­ly un­combed af­ter the sleep.

"What? How big were your boobs this time?" Mary pulled her beloved stu­dent clos­er and hugged the girl's so soft and nar­row waist, while their busty chests squished to­geth­er.

"Ha­ha! I had no boobs this time!!"


"I was a me­dieval jester and I was a boy!" Eri­ka grinned.

"Oh my god, I bet Freud would write you a book about it!" Mary shook her head.

"Who's Fred? Any­way, my chest was sooo flat and it felt amaz­ing!"

"Even if you were a boy, I'd still love you, dear," Mary gave her a lit­tle smooch on the lips.

"Mmm... Mary! Don't wor­ry about it, you were in my dream too! You were my mas­ter, Sir Mar­i­on!"

"And your name was Erik, I guess?" Mary laughed.

"Of course!!" Eri­ka grinned wide. "Any­ways, Sir Mar­i­on res­cued this street urchin Erik one day and then raised him up as a per­son­al jester. Erik the jester! The most amaz­ing sexy flexy jester!!"

Mary laughed re­al­ly hard. "Sooo... how did this sweet dream of yours end?"

"Oh! Just the alarm rang while I was danc­ing se­duc­tive­ly and I end­ed up in Sir Mar­i­on's lap and we kissed and then when he squished my butt the alarm rang! I al­most threw it against the wall!!"

"Well, how about we con­tin­ue from that point in your dream af­ter a lit­tle break­fast?"

"Oh great idea, Mar­i­on! I- I mean Mary!!" Eri­ka blushed.

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