Erica Buttermilk

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In the vil­lage of Sup­ple­ham lived a milk­man named Fe­lix But­ter­milk, who had a very cute and live­ly daugh­ter who loved milk to no end. As the lit­tle girl swal­lowed gal­lons of it, he on­ly en­cour­aged her: "milk is good for your bones". Once when she was still a child, he saw her arch­ing back­wards in the most un­nat­ur­al look­ing way: "Look, look, dad! You were so right, my bones are com­plete­ly un­break­able!"

The smart milk­man fig­ured out that the daugh­ter took the idea too lit­er­al­ly but he al­so fig­ured out that he could make a good use of it. So he on­ly en­cour­aged her to go on and show him every day how far more she can bend. This play­ful dai­ly chal­lenge made her su­per hap­py, so Er­i­ca and her dad Fe­lix con­tin­ued for years, un­til in her teens she be­came bend­able in pret­ty much every imag­in­able way, and just like her dad had cal­cu­lat­ed, she be­came the per­fect ad­ver­tise­ment for the But­ter­milk dairy farm. "Of course," Fe­lix would warn his cus­tomers, "you have to drink the milk for a few years at least be­fore it's ful­ly ab­sorbed by the bones, and al­so you have to do cer­tain ex­er­cis­es to im­prove the ab­sorp­tion."

"You bend like a dairy farmer!" was no longer an in­sult in the vil­lage as the qual­i­ty of the milk was proven all over the place and in­spired many oth­er youths to fol­low Er­i­ca's steps. The dairy farm it­self has great­ly ex­pand­ed and par­tial­ly turned in­to a con­tor­tion school be­cause every­body who did the right ex­er­cis­es could get a ma­jor dis­count from Fe­lix.

Al­so Er­i­ca has very close and lov­ing re­la­tion­ship with the shep­hard Col­lie, both of them are en­thu­si­as­tic nud­ists and swore to each oth­er to nev­er ever move to the city be­cause there you're legal­ly oblig­ed to wear clothes and that's just hor­ri­ble! Nei­ther cows or sheep were ever seen wear­ing clothes, so why should hu­mans wear it??

Al­so, Er­i­ca is pret­ty much the fan­ta­sy mir­ror of Eri­ka from the "re­al" world :3


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