Easy­go­ing, Lim­ber, Ver­nal, Ef­fem­i­nate, Shame­less in­hab­i­tants of Yu­nia.

Easy­go­ing - elves like to live naked on the beach with a plen­ty of nat­ur­al food around them, but since in re­al­i­ty it's rarely the case, they re­ly on strong al­lies to pro­tect them (bar­bar­ians, knights, cen­taurs, etc), in re­turn they run a big va­ri­ety of plea­sure hous­es and all kinds of en­ter­tain­ment.

Lim­ber - el­ven chil­dren can bend in half back­wards, sit in the split or put their feet be­hind their head with­out train­ing, but need to ex­er­cise to pre­serve this abil­i­ty af­ter the age of 18.

Ver­nal - el­ven bod­ies don't grow/ma­ture af­ter the age of 17-18, they pre­serve teen looks to an old age and then die XD

Effem­i­nate - elves don't have a bi­o­log­i­cal gen­der, they eat spe­cif­ic food to al­ter gen­i­tals and breasts to their lik­ing: mel­ons/cup­cakes/milk for breasts, car­rots/ba­nanas/cu­cum­bers for male gen­i­talia, hon­ey/tacos/pat­ties for fe­male gen­i­talia, etc. How­ev­er, no mat­ter what they do, they pret­ty much nev­er ever look "mas­cu­line" by any oth­er races' stan­dards...

Shame­less - elves are not ashamed of nu­di­ty and sex, they en­joy it. Their main de­ity is L'amouriel, the god of love, who cre­at­ed the elves and sent them to love each oth­er. Elves usu­al­ly don't think of any mean­ing of life oth­er than hav­ing a lot of sex. They are im­mune to STD and can't be im­preg­nat­ed by any non-el­ven races, plus their bod­i­ly juices have heal­ing ef­fects on oth­ers, so they en­joy the role of sexy nurs­es XD

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