Easygoing, Limber, Vernal, Effeminate, Shameless inhabitants of Yunia.

Easygoing - elves like to live naked on the beach with a plenty of natural food around them, but since in reality it's rarely the case, they rely on strong allies to protect them (barbarians, knights, centaurs, etc), in return they run a big variety of pleasure houses and all kinds of entertainment.

Limber - elven children can bend in half backwards, sit in the split or put their feet behind their head without training, but need to exercise to preserve this ability after the age of 18.

Vernal - elven bodies don't grow/mature after the age of 17-18, they preserve teen looks to an old age and then die XD

Effeminate - elves don't have a biological gender, they eat specific food to alter genitals and breasts to their liking: melons/cupcakes/milk for breasts, carrots/bananas/cucumbers for male genitalia, honey/tacos/patties for female genitalia, etc. However, no matter what they do, they pretty much never ever look "masculine" by any other races' standards...

Shameless - elves are not ashamed of nudity and sex, they enjoy it. Their main deity is L'amouriel, the god of love, who created the elves and sent them to love each other. Elves usually don't think of any meaning of life other than having a lot of sex. They are immune to STD and can't be impregnated by any non-elven races, plus their bodily juices have healing effects on others, so they enjoy the role of sexy nurses XD

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