Elven Trap

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This is a sto­ry about three lit­tle pig­gies. And al­so about an elf's twist­ed ad­ven­tures in the Great Desert :3

The tav­ern was aw­ful­ly qui­et...

"So. Does any­body have any war sto­ries to tell?" spoke a buff, scant­i­ly clad bar­bar­ian.

"Don't you?" a knight wear­ing a light, ex­pen­sive-look­ing chain­mail quick­ly ping-ponged the ques­tion.

The bar­bar­ian hemmed. "I do... but I have this weird cus­tom of let­ting oth­ers speak first be­fore I do..."

"I- I have a war sto­ry to tell... of sorts..." sud­den­ly a gen­tle voice crawled in­to the talk of men.

"An elf? I thought they nev­er leave their theme park... Sor­ry, I mean Teathill," the bar­bar­ian chuck­led.

"Huh?" the long-eared beau­ty rose her eye­brows so high they hid un­der her fore­lock. "Then name a sin­gle king­dom in the world where us elves haven't been yet?" The elf chal­lenged him, al­though it came out in a rather flir­ta­tious tone as elves are nev­er able to re­sist their weak­ness for the big mus­cled brutes.

"Al­shara?" the bar­bar­ian coun­tered in­stant­ly. "Hon­est­ly, nev­er seen any of you around that part of the Great desert."

"But... that was what I want­ed to tell about!" the elf squeezed a thin voice out of her throat, blush­ing hard as she could swear the big guy just winked at her. "Been there... last month... in cap­tiv­i­ty... but... we es­caped..." The elf's ears be­gan to glow red as she was un­able to take her eyes off these heavy nip­p­ler­ings dec­o­rat­ing the brute's al­ready way too at­trac­tive pecs.

"Oh? So why don't you tell us? " the man smirked, ap­par­ent­ly more than in­ter­est­ed in hear­ing more sam­ples of that soft el­ven voice.

"It... It be­gan around two months ago when we were on a mis­sion in Bel­ti­more, try­ing to con­vince peo­ple that demons are evil... and that elves are still bet­ter at con­tor­tion... I was prepar­ing for five years for this, so we had to prove to the fans that elves are bet­ter than demons... I mean, ob­vi­ous­ly... But ap­par­ent­ly I out­did my­self a bit, so we gath­ered a large fol­low­ing... And some­one didn't like it be­cause af­ter a big par­ty I woke up in a jail... In a far away land. As I learned lat­er, it was the desert of Al­shara, at the heart of the de­mon­ic lands..."

"We have to get out of here, I'm los­ing my shape!" The elf whined as she kept fail­ing and fail­ing to get her shoul­ders through her own thighs, no mat­ter how much she stressed her­self bend­ing over back­wards.

The three oth­er cap­tives were pre­tend­ing not to stare at the near­ly naked elf stretch­ing her sweat­ing body in­to the most un­be­liev­able and rather erot­ic fig­ures.

On­ly the teen knight was al­most open­ly star­ing. "You know, all these things you show to us just made me think of some­thing. We can set a trap and then... then we'll es­cape."

"Oh? What kind of trap?"

"An el­ven trap," the teen knight smirked. "And be­fore you ask more ques­tions, yeah, it's you whom we use as a trap. You'll have to dis­tract that de­mon guard and then we'll break free. Trust me, I have a good plan!"

The elf un­bent her­self and put her hands on her nar­row, boy­ish hips. "Okay then, so what's the plan?"

"Set the trap!" The teen knight jok­ing­ly or­der­er as the oth­ers helped the elf to climb up the jail's bars and fix her legs in a steady po­si­tion. They then lift­ed her chest to be per­pen­dic­u­lar to the bars and slow­ly be­gan turn­ing her up­per body around. With sur­pris­ing ease the elf's ide­al­ly flat-chest­ed tor­so was con­tort­ed in­to a 180 de­grees twist. One not be­ing her­self could on­ly guess what a full turn-around like this felt like on her bow­els and in­sides, let alone her spine! But seems this one could take far more than that be­fore even start­ing to cringe.

The guys then be­gan stretch­ing the elf up­ward by the shoul­ders, lift­ing her up­per body fur­ther up all the way un­til she could get a firm grasp of the jail's bars. The elf pulled on the bars, stretch­ing her­self fur­ther in­to that un­be­liev­able ex­treme con­tor­tion pose. Her body looked tense like a bow but seems there was a small room for more: her back­bone pro­duced a quick blast­beat of soft crack­ing sounds as she tugged her­self re­al­ly tight in­to the twist­ed arch.

"And they say elves are bad at per­cus­sions," the knight cringed play­ful­ly.

"Guys, I've nev­er done this be­fore..." the elf clenched her teeth, shiv­er­ing and sweat­ing, but seems not be­cause of the ex­treme stretch that'd break any nor­mal spine al­ready, she just kept look­ing around to see if the demons had al­ready no­ticed her from the oth­er side of the bars.

"It's okay, you're do­ing great! Now let's ac­ti­vate the trap!" He went around and pulled at the elf's strings, eas­i­ly un­do­ing the silky knots on the sides, leav­ing the elf in noth­ing but the birth­day suit. "Trap ready, now let's wait!"

The wait­ing didn't take long at all. "Mmm, the slut­ty elf de­cid­ed to prac­tice her use­less tricks again?" The low, sneer­ing voice of the de­mon guard was ap­proach­ing. "Haven't we al­ready proved that it be­ing a sheer ex­er­cise in fu­til­i­ty to try to out­bend us demons, hmm?" Judg­ing by the sounds, the de­mon stopped by, ob­serv­ing the sight. "Mmm, what a fine ass though... If any­thing, you elves are still a race of sluts, I give you that... Wait, stay like that, slave, I'm gonna give you a small re­ward for your hope­less ef­forts..."

In a mo­ment the air filled with em­bar­rass­ing slurp­ing sounds. "Good, he swal­lowed the bait," the teen knight whis­pered to oth­er, gig­gling soft­ly. "That's gonna keep him busy for a while. And now, phase 2..."

Every­body in the tav­ern seemed quite en­chant­ed by the mu­sic of the youth­ful el­ven voice along with all the very erot­ic de­tails of her lit­tle ad­ven­ture.

"Damn, I've nev­er been so ner­vous in my life," the elf went on and on. "It was my very first time with a re­al de­mon, but boy did it feel good..."

"So how did you get out?" asked the bar­bar­ian who, judg­ing by his naughty fa­cial ex­pres­sion, hasn't on­ly un­dressed the elf in front of his mind's eye but was al­ready do­ing her in all kinds of flex­i­ble sex po­si­tions in his imag­i­na­tion.

"I- er... don't re­mem­ber, it was so hot I al­most faint­ed, and then af­ter a while it was over and we were free... Damn, I'll nev­er for­get that stu­pid knight for pre­tend­ing he lost my strings, so I had to go around naked and when I fi­nal­ly want­ed to give some ser­vice to a mer­chant to af­ford a loin­cloth, the knight sud­den­ly 're­mem­bered' he had my strings in his pock­et the whole time and then he de­mand­ed that I must give HIM a re­ward for that!"

"That bitch," the bar­bar­ian smirked.

"My words ex­act­ly! I hate work­ing for free! Damn it. Half of the time I'm pro­vid­ing my ser­vices I'm not even get­ting paid a piece of gold. I'll nev­er get rich at this pace!" The elf sighed.

"Well, I'm more than will­ing to make you a bit rich­er tonight," the bar­bar­ian threw a purse of coins on his ta­ble.

"Hey, elf, I'm will­ing to get some too," the knight in light chain­mail said. "But sor­ry I'll on­ly have enough mon­ey to­mor­row if you think you can be around at the same time."

"Thanks guys!"

"Ah­hh!" the elf fell back on the bed, com­plete­ly ex­haust­ed, her long silky hair all across her face.

The bar­bar­ian caught some air in his lungs. "You're re­al­ly good at this, you know?"

"Thanks..." said the elf in a hoarse whis­per, brush­ing her hair with her del­i­cate fin­gers. "Can you pass the jug?"

"Sure," the bar­bar­ian picked the glass jug of wa­ter from the night­stand, gave it to the elf.

The elf drank half of the wa­ter, catch­ing the sur­prised look of the brute. "Ah! El­ven bod­ies need a lot of wa­ter to func­tion, you see..."

"So... about your sto­ry. Did you make it up?"

"Erm... not ex­act­ly... Okay okay, I saw it in a dream," the elf chuck­led. "Just thought it was kin­da cool and all..."

"Well, made my pants feel tighter for sure," the big guy smirked. "That makes a good sto­ry, in my book. Let's just hope the dream wasn't prophet­ic."

"How did you know it was fake?" the elf pulled at the bar­bar­ian's nip­ple ring.

"It was ob­vi­ous when you skipped the en­tire part about how your 'friends' man­aged to open the jail!"

"Yeah I'm bad at these things," the elf sighed.

"Well, I'm still re­cruit­ing if you want to fol­low and gath­er some re­al war sto­ries."

"Oh! B- But I'm not a war­rior sort of thing or any­thing..."

"We need an en­ter­tain­er, we've got a flutist but it's hon­est­ly bor­ing with­out any­thing to go along with it, and she's a damn aw­ful dancer... But she's damn good at blow­ing and I'm not talk­ing on­ly about flutes, that's why I took her, but you, you could re­al­ly spice up the evenings."

"My, what an op­por­tu­ni­ty! I just need to ask in my broth­el if that'd be okay, but I'm sure they can arrange it as a field­work or some­thing!"

"Al­right... But enough talk, let's get the sec­ond half of your jug emp­ty, shall we?"

"Hell yeah!"

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