Elven Trap

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. This is a story about three little piggies. And also about an elf's twisted adventures in the Great Desert :3

The tavern was awfully quiet...

"So. Does anybody have any war stories to tell?" spoke a buff, scantily clad barbarian.

"Don't you?" a knight wearing a light, expensive-looking chainmail quickly ping-ponged the question.

The barbarian hemmed. "I do... but I have this weird custom of letting others speak first before I do..."

"I- I have a war story to tell... of sorts..." suddenly a gentle voice crawled into the talk of men.

"An elf? I thought they never leave their theme park... Sorry, I mean Elbend," the barbarian chuckled.

"Huh?" the long-eared beauty rose her eyebrows so high they hid under her forelock. "Then name a single kingdom in the world where us elves haven't been yet?" The elf challenged him, although it came out in a rather flirtatious tone as elves are never able to resist their weakness for the big muscled brutes.

"Alshara?" the barbarian countered instantly. "Honestly, never seen any of you around that part of the Great desert."

"But... that was what I wanted to tell about!" the elf squeezed a thin voice out of her throat, blushing hard as she could swear the big guy just winked at her. "Been there... last month... in captivity... but... we escaped..." The elf's ears began to glow red as she was unable to take her eyes off these heavy nipplerings decorating the brute's already way too attractive pecs.

"Oh? So why don't you tell us? " the man smirked, apparently more than interested in hearing more samples of that soft elven voice.

"It... It began around two months ago when we were on a mission in Beltimore, trying to convince people that demons are evil... and that elves are still better at contortion... I was preparing for five years for this, so we had to prove to the fans that elves are better than demons... I mean, obviously... But apparently I outdid myself a bit, so we gathered a large following... And someone didn't like it because after a big party I woke up in a jail... In a far away land. As I learned later, it was the desert of Alshara, at the heart of the demonic lands..."
"We have to get out of here, I'm losing my shape!" The elf whined as she kept failing and failing to get her shoulders through her own thighs, no matter how much she stressed herself bending over backwards.

The three other captives were pretending not to stare at the nearly naked elf stretching her sweating body into the most unbelievable and rather erotic figures.

Only the teen knight was almost openly staring. "You know, all these things you show to us just made me think of something. We can set a trap and then... then we'll escape."

"Oh? What kind of trap?"

"An elven trap," the teen knight smirked. "And before you ask more questions, yeah, it's you whom we use as a trap. You'll have to distract that demon guard and then we'll break free. Trust me, I have a good plan!"

The elf unbent herself and put her hands on her narrow, boyish hips. "Okay then, so what's the plan?"
"Set the trap!" The teen knight jokingly orderer as the others helped the elf to climb up the jail's bars and fix her legs in a steady position. They then lifted her chest to be perpendicular to the bars and slowly began turning her upper body around. With surprising ease the elf's ideally flat-chested torso was contorted into a 180 degrees twist. One not being herself could only guess what a full turn-around like this felt like on her bowels and insides, let alone her spine! But seems this one could take far more than that before even starting to cringe.

The guys then began stretching the elf upward by the shoulders, lifting her upper body further up all the way until she could get a firm grasp of the jail's bars. The elf pulled on the bars, stretching herself further into that unbelievable extreme contortion pose. Her body looked tense like a bow but seems there was a small room for more: her backbone produced a quick blastbeat of soft cracking sounds as she tugged herself really tight into the twisted arch.

"And they say elves are bad at percussions," the knight cringed playfully.

"Guys, I've never done this before..." the elf clenched her teeth, shivering and sweating, but seems not because of the extreme stretch that'd break any normal spine already, she just kept looking around to see if the demons had already noticed her from the other side of the bars.

"It's okay, you're doing great! Now let's activate the trap!" He went around and pulled at the elf's strings, easily undoing the silky knots on the sides, leaving the elf in nothing but the birthday suit. "Trap ready, now let's wait!"

The waiting didn't take long at all. "Mmm, the slutty elf decided to practice her useless tricks again?" The low, sneering voice of the demon guard was approaching. "Haven't we already proved that it being a sheer exercise in futility to try to outbend us demons, hmm?" Judging by the sounds, the demon stopped by, observing the sight. "Mmm, what a fine ass though... If anything, you elves are still a race of sluts, I give you that... Wait, stay like that, slave, I'm gonna give you a small reward for your hopeless efforts..."

In a moment the air filled with embarrassing slurping sounds. "Good, he swallowed the bait," the teen knight whispered to other, giggling softly. "That's gonna keep him busy for a while. And now, phase 2..."
Everybody in the tavern seemed quite enchanted by the music of the youthful elven voice along with all the very erotic details of her little adventure.

"Damn, I've never been so nervous in my life," the elf went on and on. "It was my very first time with a real demon, but boy did it feel good..."

"So how did you get out?" asked the barbarian who, judging by his naughty facial expression, hasn't only undressed the elf in front of his mind's eye but was already doing her in all kinds of flexible sex positions in his imagination.

"I- er... don't remember, it was so hot I almost fainted, and then after a while it was over and we were free... Damn, I'll never forget that stupid knight for pretending he lost my strings, so I had to go around naked and when I finally wanted to give some service to a merchant to afford a loincloth, the knight suddenly 'remembered' he had my strings in his pocket the whole time and then he demanded that I must give HIM a reward for that!"

"That bitch," the barbarian smirked.

"My words exactly! I hate working for free! Damn it. Half of the time I'm providing my services I'm not even getting paid a piece of gold. I'll never get rich at this pace!" The elf sighed.

"Well, I'm more than willing to make you a bit richer tonight," the barbarian threw a purse of coins on his table.

"Hey, elf, I'm willing to get some too," the knight in light chainmail said. "But sorry I'll only have enough money tomorrow if you think you can be around at the same time."

"Thanks guys!"
"Ahhh!" the elf fell back on the bed, completely exhausted, her long silky hair all across her face.

The barbarian caught some air in his lungs. "You're really good at this, you know?"

"Thanks..." said the elf in a hoarse whisper, brushing her hair with her delicate fingers. "Can you pass the jug?"

"Sure," the barbarian picked the glass jug of water from the nightstand, gave it to the elf.

The elf drank half of the water, catching the surprised look of the brute. "Ah! Elven bodies need a lot of water to function, you see..."

"So... about your story. Did you make it up?"

"Erm... not exactly... Okay okay, I saw it in a dream," the elf chuckled. "Just thought it was kinda cool and all..."

"Well, made my pants feel tighter for sure," the big guy smirked. "That makes a good story, in my book. Let's just hope the dream wasn't prophetic."

"How did you know it was fake?" the elf pulled at the barbarian's nipple ring.

"It was obvious when you skipped the entire part about how your 'friends' managed to open the jail!"

"Yeah I'm bad at these things," the elf sighed.

"Well, I'm still recruiting if you want to follow and gather some real war stories."

"Oh! B- But I'm not a warrior sort of thing or anything..."

"We need an entertainer, we've got a flutist but it's honestly boring without anything to go along with it, and she's a damn awful dancer... But she's damn good at blowing and I'm not talking only about flutes, that's why I took her, but you, you could really spice up the evenings."

"My, what an opportunity! I just need to ask in my brothel if that'd be okay, but I'm sure they can arrange it as a fieldwork or something!"

"Alright... But enough talk, let's get the second half of your jug empty, shall we?"

"Hell yeah!"

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