Elven Scout

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Elven Scout

Something shiny's up in a tree! Is it a cheesy smile? Is it an oiled nipple?

"H- how did you see me?! Didn't I look completely like a branch?? You have a really good eye, lass! Please don't report my lack of stealth skills to my superiors!! Here, have a coin!"

After dropping a little coin, the elf takes such a sophisticated pose that no matter how I rub my eyes I can no longer see him among all the twisted branches!!

- Erika
Yunia Online

The elven forests are so clean and beautiful it's almost unreal. The virgin tree trunks are smooth like baby skin, while the branches are bent and curved in beautiful ways.

Oh, wait a second. You look closer and meet a pair of pretty eyes staring at you. As if some magic has dissolved, you finally can see the whole picture of an elven youth, bent and twisted among the complex set of branches.

You realize then that it must be one of those semi-legendary scouts! These elven mowglies pretty much grow up up in the trees and learn the sophisticated body positions making them capable to become one with the nature, meanwhile they can spy on anybody who passes through the woods and report back to the military on suspicion.

But it seems weird, under normal conditions there's no way those hippie tree lovers would ever make themselves visible, usually they know their art so well that you can only read about them in books, which is how you know about them. Either this one is still in training, or...

Suddenly the scantily clad elf jumps down on the grass, tilts his hip and bats his eyelashes, making it impossible to decide which part of him to feast your eyes upon first. "Hey, traveler. Could you do me... eh... a favor?" the soft voice stuns you as if you weren't hypnotized enough already, "You see, I'm an elf scout but I'm on vacations right now... but... I really need a few coins, so is there a chance I could do something for you worth about 30 pieces of gold?"

Alright, you don't need to be asked twice, you're more than willing to cooperate with the pretty representative of the scouting branch of the elven military. Meanwhile you remember the saying that the trees have eyes, however, in the elven forests they also often whisper various names and produce many sexy sounds and sweet moans.

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