Elven Jewels

The elf broth­ers Aorev and Aaulin sell­ing jew­els they craft­ed by them­selves ^v^

My friend Aldric told me that her elf char­ac­ters Aorev and Aaulin whom I love so much weren't mere­ly con­tor­tion­ists and dancers but al­so ran a lit­tle busi­ness sell­ing their own self-made jew­els at mar­kets, for ex­am­ple there is a stat­ue of a de­ity in a cer­tain tem­ple that was dec­o­rat­ed with the jew­els craft­ed by them.

It made me imag­ine a scene with them sell­ing jew­els at a mar­ket place and Aorev be­ing a mod­el to demon­strate the jew­els while his broth­er Aaulin would be deal­ing with the cus­tomers.

Aorev's con­tor­tion abil­i­ties would let him demon­strate all kinds of jew­els all at the same time, so cus­tomers could eas­i­ly take a clos­er look at rings, bracelets, an­klets, neck­laces, all at once.

The buy­er is my new char­ac­ter Plaisir who was born by ac­ci­dent while I was try­ing to draw a ran­dom cus­tomer XD His name and ap­pear­ance are self-ex­plana­to­ry XD

Any­ways, I hope that you will en­joy this draw­ing and that the el­ven jew­els will make your day a lit­tle brighter! ^-^

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