Elven Bathhouse

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The el­ven forests are so clean and beau­ti­ful it's al­most un­re­al. Wher­ev­er you might go, you'd get the im­pres­sion of walk­ing through a park!

There's so lit­tle dif­fer­ence be­tween wild woods and vil­lage ar­eas here, every­thing is just so clean and lit­tle pave­ments are care­ful­ly laid just about every­where, as if the whole king­dom was one huge green re­sort.

Even while walk­ing through the deep­est for­est, you can come across var­i­ous lit­tle el­ven hous­es in­hab­it­ed by beau­ties whose du­ty is to let a trav­eller rest and feel at ease. And here is one of these cute lit­tle wood­en bath­hous­es by the way!

A good-look­ing, long-haired blond elf is sit­ting on the ter­race, tak­ing sips of mead from his over­ly large mug. Se­duc­tive­ly, he moves his loose ori­en­tal-style jack­et slight­ly apart, re­veal­ing a pair of soft yum­my nip­ples. Ap­par­ent­ly, this cun­ning elf­boy is at work and quite ready to serve a well-pay­ing trav­eller.

His sug­ges­tive wink­ing and smil­ing is mak­ing it hard­er and hard­er not to stop by, he's al­most like a gyp­sy when it comes to at­tract­ing at­ten­tion. "Hey. Wan­na rub my butt?" the elf smiled play­ful­ly. It's pos­i­tive­ly im­pos­si­ble to re­sist him! And now, in­side that lit­tle bath­house, every lit­tle bit of gold so care­ful­ly saved will be lost... but damn, it's worth it!

"Feel free to come again any time", the elf waves, his cheeks and ears com­plete­ly red, his body is cov­ered on­ly with a lit­tle tow­el, con­stant­ly mis­be­hav­ing and falling off his hips. Him and his naughty puns. Damn, it's nev­er felt so dirty af­ter tak­ing a bath!

[ You lose half of your hard earned gold ]

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