Elven Assassin

Tak­ing a short­cut through the sew­ers, you en­counter an el­ven as­sas­sin. He doesn't no­tice you, al­low­ing you sev­er­al min­utes of en­joy­ing his buttcheek move­ments from be­hind. Not sure what's more shiny, his two oiled buttcheeks or his two per­fect­ly pol­ished katana blades, you whis­tle to your­self: "Dat as­sas­sin!" The elf quick­ly turns around and stares at you an­gri­ly.

The sight of a shiny gold­en coin fly­ing his way makes the elf's tense buttcheeks soft­en a lit­tle bit. "Not that I mind a lit­tle warm-up be­fore my ac­tu­al mis­sion," he mur­murs through his silky mask af­ter hav­ing caught the gold. "But gomen na­sai, I have to keep my­self clean for my next mis­sion. Star­ing on­ly!"

Clas­si­cal­ly trained for danc­ing with blades, the el­ven as­sas­sin dances and bends in his tight shibari suit. The cords bury in­to his im­pos­si­bly pli­ant, yet well-toned, body in the most mind-blow­ing ways, while he's par­ry­ing all your hope­less at­tempts to grab and squeeze.

In an at­tempt to show off his skills with the two katanas, the as­sas­sin ac­ci­den­tal­ly cuts his shibari suit in sev­er­al places. The bro­ken suit im­me­di­ate­ly los­es all its in­tegri­ty and all of it to the very last cord falls off on the ground. "That's noth­ing, I have a lot of ex­tra cords on me," the as­sas­sin blush­es, giv­ing you a sec­ond to ob­serve his com­plete­ly bare body dec­o­rat­ed with the red­dish traces left by the tight cords.

In an­oth­er mo­ment the nin­ja elf van­ish­es in­to a hole in the wall, giv­ing you the very last glimpse of the per­fect ass. "As­sas­sin..." you think to your­self. "Ass, Sass and Sin, all in one!"

[ You ob­tain a bunch of cords ]

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