Elven Assassin

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Elven Assassin

Taking a shortcut through the sewers, I suddenly encounter an elven assassin, having a few moments to enjoy his buttcheeks from behind. "Dat assassin!" I whistle to myself. The ninja quickly turns around and stares at me angrily.

The sight of a shiny gold flying his way makes his elven butt soften a bit. "I may be a ninja but every work is work," he murmurs after having caught the gold. Yeah, sure, he may be a ninja but every slut is a slut.

"Staring only!" he grunts. We'll see about that! Classically trained for dancing with blades, the elf twists and bends in his tight rope suit. The cords bury into his well-toned but very pliant body in most mind-blowing ways while he's easily parrying all my hopeless advances.

Finally, the ninja vanishes into a hole in the wall, giving me the very last glimpse of the perfect ass. "Assassin..." I think to myself. "Ass, Sass and Sin, all in one!"

- Erika
Yunia Online

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