Elf Dancer

In the king­dom where this elf lives, girls find it beau­ti­ful to wear waist cinch­ers and they usu­al­ly get the first one at the age of 8, not sure why, maybe be­cause 8 al­so looks like a cinched num­ber in a way XD

Par­ents take their daugh­ter go to a jew­eller who is al­so a black­smith and can forge jew­els as big as a cinch­er. The girl lays her back on a ta­ble and un­der the back of her waist the jew­eller puts a slight­ly curved cinch­er, made of a spe­cial el­ven met­al that can be forged while cold, then the cinch­er is ham­mered gen­tly un­til it's slight­ly buried in­to the waist, just enough so it wouldn't fall off.

The girl then cel­e­brates it and shows the new dec­o­ra­tion to all her friends. Since then every month she goes to the jew­eller to ad­just the cinch­er a lit­tle bit fur­ther, on­ly by a bit be­cause there's no need to hur­ry. In the next 10 years she goes for around 120 ad­just­ments over­all and by the age of 18 her waist gets re­al­ly tiny.

Dancers usu­al­ly push it fur­ther than most girls be­cause it's con­sid­ered beau­ti­ful to dance with a tight cinch­er. Such a dance is sim­i­lar to bel­ly dance and the dancers learn to hip roll while cinched, and many dancers say it feels as won­der­ful as it looks.

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