Effete Princeling

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Imag­ine a card game's event, some­thing like "the prince of the king­dom has heard about you and cu­ri­ous­ly wel­comed you to his cas­tle..."

"So if you man­age to please him (let's say, the game is quite lit­er­al­ly about hoes and no, not the kind you craft from two sticks and two stones XD­DD), you'll get a big re­ward."

Djake and me were toss­ing ideas back and forth about a pos­si­ble fan­ta­sy board game and Djake sug­gest­ed a bunch of re­al­ly cool ideas for card names, so I want­ed to try il­lus­trat­ing some of them! :3

So for this card I chose Mar­tin cuz I just keep want­i­ng to see him as the prince of some king­dom, he must have some no­ble an­ces­tors oth­er­wise where would he get such beau­ti­ful genes?

In "re­al life" he is cur­rent­ly a teen mod­el with a dream to be­come a nu­di­ty pho­tog­ra­ph­er him­self.

Yes, he is 18, he is a guy AND he loves plushies XD A very, very un­usu­al com­bi­na­tion in 2010s :I

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