Eclip­ti­ca is the Land of the gods, it's a con­ti­nent that is part of the re­al world but it's gov­erned by deities. The main de­ity of the pan­theon is Saros, the God of Ma­tu­ri­ty, whose age is ex­act­ly 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours XD

In the be­gin­ning of times, Saros was rul­ing his em­pire alone but then got a burnout and de­cid­ed to get help, so he went to every province of the em­pire to find the most at­trac­tive and flex­i­ble girls, for he en­joyed the art of con­tor­tion more than any­thing else ;3

The Black Sor­cer­ess, the Mino­tau­ress, the Cursed Girl, the Voodoo Priest­ess, the Nekomi­mi, the Uni­corn Girl, the Fe­male An­gel, the Cave Girl, the Gyp­sy Elf, the Swamp Witch, the Bedouin Girl, the Mer­maid and the Snake-Charmer, they all joined his harem and soon each of them gave him a son, so ide­al and so flex­i­ble (just like their moms). Saros loved his chil­dren to no end and spent a lot of time with his many wives and kids, un­able to de­cide which boy he loved more! But the chil­dren soon grew up in­to beau­ti­ful youths, and just like Saros him­self, got stuck in their growth ex­act­ly at their first year of adult­hood... must be the di­vine genes ;P

Now, it was time for them to sit up­on their heads thrones, each in his own province. This freed a lot of time, and now Saros could whole­heart­ed­ly ded­i­cate him­self to or­ga­niz­ing con­tor­tion fes­ti­vals, while his sons helped by pro­mot­ing con­tor­tion and build­ing schools in their lands. But since each of the sons had his own unique in­ter­ests and fetish­es, each province had de­vel­oped a spe­cial and unique style of con­tor­tion...

☼ Saros - God of Ma­tu­ri­ty, the fa­ther of the Gods, gov­erns the cen­ter of Eclip­ti­ca and its cit­i­zens. They are usu­al­ly al­ways busy hold­ing var­i­ous con­tor­tion fes­ti­vals and wel­com­ing the crea­tures from all over the world to par­tic­i­pate.

Aries - God of De­prav­i­ty, gov­erns the mag­i­cal crea­tures who live in the vol­canic lands: demons, el­e­men­tals, and the mages who study them. They have a lot of dun­geons for their main fetish, BDSM, which in­cludes tight ropes, stretch­ing, spank­ing, bel­ly-punch­ing, pins and oth­er meth­ods of in­flict­ing light pain and dis­com­fort, which ex­cites them. Their con­tor­tion style usu­al­ly has a play­ful­ly sadis­tic na­ture.

Tau­rus - God of Se­cu­ri­ty, gov­erns the brutes and bar­bar­ians of the hills. They love mus­cles but find it healthy to make them flex­i­ble first. The body­build­ing train­ers will on­ly ac­cept teens who have the back­bend, the front­bend and the over­split. Some then quit con­tor­tion in fa­vor of big­ger mus­cles, oth­ers push them­selves to re­main bendy.

Gem­i­ni - God of Ver­sa­til­i­ty, gov­erns the strange crea­tures of the cursed moun­tains, who have all kinds of weird bod­ies and mu­ta­tions, as well as ar­ti­fi­cial body mod­i­fi­ca­tions thanks to their in­ter­est in surgery. They are typ­i­cal­ly too lazy to spend years on con­tor­tion train­ing and con­sid­er it eas­i­er to just mod­i­fy them­selves sur­gi­cal­ly to any lev­el of flex­i­bil­i­ty.

Can­cer - God of In­ti­ma­cy, gov­erns the na­tive tribes of the rain­for­est, known for their healthy lifestyle and prac­tices such as yo­ga and all kinds of mas­sages. They typ­i­cal­ly nev­er per­form con­tor­tion with­out a thor­ough mas­sage and rub­bing shiny oils in­to the body, al­ways in search for the tech­niques and in­gre­di­ents that in­crease flex­i­bil­i­ty.

Leo - God of Dig­ni­ty, gov­erns the desert vil­lage of all kinds of Sun-lov­ing peo­ple who live around a large oa­sis. They're most­ly ob­sessed with bel­lies and bel­ly-danc­ing, but al­so quite love con­tor­tion and don't mind the ex­treme stretch­es, as long as they're kept with­in the bound­aries of el­e­gance and pleas­ant move­ments and curves.

Vir­go - God of Sex­u­al­i­ty, gov­erns the love­ly crea­tures of the mag­i­cal for­est. There must be some­thing in the air of this for­est that gives them in­sa­tiable lust for love­mak­ing, so that even the con­tor­tion po­si­tions they clas­si­fy main­ly by the con­ve­nience of their ap­pli­ca­tion dur­ing an in­ter­course.

Li­bra - God of Equal­i­ty, gov­erns the crea­tures liv­ing high up­on the misty moun­tains. Their main hob­bies are hand-bal­anc­ing, pole-danc­ing and tightrope-walk­ing, every­thing that re­quires the sense of bal­ance makes them re­al­ly ex­cit­ed. Their con­tor­tion style just adds ex­treme flex­i­bil­i­ty in­to the same feats.

Scor­pio - God of Dura­bil­i­ty, gov­erns the dwellers of the deep caves and all the abyssic crea­tures. They all have an ob­scure fetish for com­press­ing in­to small spaces, squeez­ing through tight tun­nels and oth­er claus­tro­ma­ni­ac ten­den­cies. They very much love con­tor­tion as it al­lows to pack even tighter or twist through even more so­phis­ti­cat­ed pas­sages.

Sagit­tar­ius - God of Lib­er­ty, gov­erns the free­dom-lov­ing no­mads of the steppes. Be­cause of all the open space, their fa­vorite sport is archery and as an ex­tra chal­lenge they love shoot­ing ar­rows with their feet and/or from a flex­i­ble pose. They nev­er aim at liv­ing be­ings, but the steppes are still a dan­ger­ous place be­cause of the many stray ar­rows fly­ing around.

Capri­corn - God of Su­pe­ri­or­i­ty, gov­erns the witch­es and oth­er mag­i­cal crea­tures who live in the swamps. Witch­es love mak­ing all kinds of po­tions to de­fy na­ture and make their bod­ies bet­ter in all sorts of ways, in­clud­ing the po­tions that are ex­treme­ly help­ful in con­tor­tion train­ing. But thanks to the con­sump­tion of many weird sub­stances, their chil­dren and them­selves of­ten have very strange­ly shaped bod­ies.

Aquar­ius - God of Cu­rios­i­ty, gov­erns the typ­i­cal­ly dark-skinned bedouins and al­chemists who live in the caves carved in­to desert moun­tains and buttes. Their main hob­by is jug­gling, spe­cial­ly bal­anc­ing heavy props on top of their heads, such as wa­ter-filled jugs. Their style of con­tor­tion sim­ply in­cor­po­rates ex­treme flex­i­bil­i­ty in­to these stunts.

Pisces - God of Cre­ativ­i­ty, gov­erns the mer­maids and oth­er aquat­ic crea­tures who live in the shal­low wa­ters of the in­land sea. Many of them have soft joints and bones, so con­tor­tion isn't some­thing they need to train for years. They are more fo­cused on the en­vi­ron­ment and love work­ing on artis­tic de­signs and chore­og­ra­phy for con­tor­tion shows.

Ophi­uchus - God of Uni­ty, gov­erns the dark-skinned, an­i­mal-lov­ing beau­ties who live on the trop­i­cal is­land. They have a spe­cial fond­ness for snakes and love to make them­selves flex­i­ble like them. They al­so have the rare tal­ent of talk­ing to any an­i­mal and can even con­vince pets to take con­tor­tion train­ing, and with much love and pa­tience they're able to train an­i­mal con­tor­tion­ists.

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