All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. The most fabulous as well as the hardest thing in the world! See those hard nipples?

Well, I'll tell you more... hold your feet... *cough*

This particular Diamond was mined in Trapland! XD And unfortunately, the poor thing is cut... I think people should really stop cutting diamonds, it's a crime because they look so much prettier and natural when uncut! Nevermind, they don't XD

Anyway, even though Diamond is naturally incredibly useful to humans due to its impressive hardness, you could make amazing tools with it such as pickaxes, but 95% of humans are idiots so instead of making diamond pickaxes they prefer to re-sell the raw diamonds a million times at higher and higher prices until nobody in the world can afford them anymore! So overrated...

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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