This is a lit­tle ad­di­tion to the world map, show­ing the Mas­cot of each king­dom of Yu­nia, as well as what lives in that king­dom, who rules it and what tem­ple they have :3

All the Mas­cots are bend­able plushies, usu­al­ly avail­able as sou­venirs in the shops across Yu­nia! <3

This is a WIP, I'm still work­ing on col­or­ing them! :3

Ruled by the naughty Lu­cianus, Al­shara is not a reg­u­lar king­dom with sim­ple cit­i­zens, fam­i­lies and stuff. It is the home of oc­cultists, those who be­long to the Oc­cult Or­der. It's right­ful­ly called "the gates to Hell" for its tight con­nec­tion with the in­fer­nal world and fre­quent prac­tices of de­mon sum­mon­ings... (read more)

Ruled by the mighty Co­nan, Bar­baria is the land of hills and plains, with the great strong­hold of T'High-Hai at its very heart. It's the king­dom of the mus­cled bar­bar­ians. While bar­bar­ians are peace­ful and de­fen­sive, they lit­er­al­ly wor­ship mus­cles and hard curves built through count­less hours of... (read more)

Ruled by the charm­ing Amarin, Ki­gash is a vast rain­for­est that spreads around Ki­wi­ka, the Tree of Life. It's known for its sun­ny beach­es, trop­i­cal cli­mate and the friend­ly at­ti­tude and car­ing hands of the scant­i­ly clad, tanned na­tives. Health care is the main source of in­come for Ki­gash. It's not just the big... (read more)

Ruled by the busty Ar­isha, Alvabrost is a huge park and recre­ation­al cen­ter, its gates are al­ways open wide to tourists. Its forests are cul­ti­vat­ed and full of el­ven hous­es for all the spe­cial pur­pos­es: cafes, mas­sage rooms, bath­hous­es, hair­styl­ists, small inns, etc... Un­of­fi­cial­ly and se­cret­ly, Alvabrost is... (read more)

Ruled by Ea, Tech­nic­ca is the king­dom of hi-tecs, the de­scen­dants of the an­cient civ­i­liza­tion that once ruled the world, but was forced to hide un­der­ground and since then had to sur­vive in­side deep caves. In their ear­ly un­der­ground days, they man­aged to use the re­mains of their re­sources to... (read more)

Ruled by Alessa, the Waist Lands are the "wan­der­ing cities" of the no­mads, called so be­cause the tents these peo­ple call homes rarely stay for too long on the same spot, ex­cept a few huge camps called car­a­vanserais. Trav­el­ing is the main spe­cial­ty of the free­dom-lov­ing no­mads, many of them know not on­ly... (read more)

Ruled by Mycelia, Fun­gaard en­tire­ly con­sists of dark and mys­te­ri­ous woods, full of swamps and the huts of the witch­es. These sexy hip­pie tree lovers make it re­al­ly hard to tell if they're male or fe­male be­cause they all ap­pear ex­clu­sive­ly as girls, and on­ly lat­er you may or may not get trapped... there's no way to... (read more)

Ruled by Sere­nius, Bedouinia has a num­ber of vil­lages of Sun elves (a.k.a. Desert elves), the dark-skinned beau­ties. Many of them be­come al­chemists, oth­ers mas­ter the art of carv­ing hous­es in the buttes and sculpt­ing of all kinds. Their vil­lages are full of works of art, del­i­cate or­na­ments and... (read more)

Ruled by Alphea, Mer­po­lis is the un­der­wa­ter city with­in the in­land sea called the Rear Gulf. It is carved from the moun­tains of white stone and rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed by the artis­tic mer­maids. It prob­a­bly has more art and dec­o­ra­tions than the rest of the world put to­geth­er: it's lit­er­al­ly filled with... (read more)

WIP. To be con­tin­ued...

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