d'Artagnan et les Trois Rapieres

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Some­thing weird I scrib­bled on pa­per just for fun but then de­cid­ed to dig­i­tal­ly ink ^_^

Of course, mus­ke­teers have to study the hu­man body thor­oug­ly in their mil­i­tary school and learn both its vi­tal and safe zones, i.e. to know where to strike if they want­ed to kill the en­e­my in­stant­ly and where to strike if they want­ed to cap­ture them alive.

The said safe zones are al­so used dur­ing the courage test that every new­bie mus­ke­teer such as d'Artag­nan has to pass ;3

The test shows both that he can en­dure this ter­ri­ble pain like a true roy­al sol­dier and that he can whole­heart­ed­ly trust his el­der friends and their per­fect knowl­edge of the body.

I'm some­times scared to con­sid­er some­one might be tak­ing all my bull­shit se­ri­ous­ly XD

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