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Tropical Birds

Bendybirds are a family--Bendidae--of seabirds found across tropical and subtropical oceans.

They have predominately naked skin, beautiful athletic proportions and silky soft long hair on their heads. Females have shaved pubes and males have a distrinctive testicular pouch, which they show off during the breeding season to attract females.
Their long wings (male wingspan can reach 2.3 meters (7.5 ft) have ten toes at the ends, five on each wing. The lack of tail gives these birds a typical upside down 'T' silhouette when fully spread. The upper wings are short and weak, used mainly for additional balance.

Able to enjoy for days the warmth of the sun, bendybirds spend most of the day in flight, trying to find out how much further they can spread their wings. Whenever bored with that, they switch to breeding. The duration of the breeding process is among the longest of any bird species, although bendybirds are only able to breed once or twice per hour. The frequency and intensity of breeding increases by nighttime until at some point they fall asleep in the middle of the process, only to continue from where they left off on the next day.

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