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Shani's College Years

As a child, Shani was very fond of the music and dancing lessons she was taking but her parents wanted her to be a succubus. In her demon kingdom, only weaklings would serve as mere dancers, it required tons of skills but in the end was the most underpaid specialty.

Few families would want their offsprings to end up like that and Shani's parents sure didn't want to see her in the marketplace dancing for food. She had to enter a real succubus college!

At first the thought of being a soul-sucker to the end of her life was disappointing. Soul-sucking was a profitable specialty but that wasn't what her body wanted. Luckily, after a couple of semesters being bored, she finally found classes that she somehow missed before.

A gorgeous red-haired devil offered contortion training to all the willing students, male or female. His strong but careful hands pushed her body beyond the limits on the very first lesson, but only left her craving for more! And finally coming to the college every day was no longer boring XD

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