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Samael is a student at the very same demonic college as Shani, learning to be a professional cock-rider. After three years of hard studying he learned to ride all kinds of cocks that are specially bred in the college's henhouse, from average to big in size. The biggest cock he's ever rode was about tha-a-a-aaat size. Those who can ride big cocks properly are often hired as package delivery couriers which is a nice job in the open air with a lot of tips and opportunities to easily extend the client base.

He enjoys being a student and learning lots of random things at the college. His most favorite random subject is undressing in the form of a dance. As his choreographer says, anything that demons do can easily be turned into a dance: flying around, tormenting human souls, going to a toilet, falling to sleep... So why not learn to take the clothes off beautifully? Samael has very good marks in that and can take ten minutes to lose a simple shirt and jeans, while for the audience it feels like he did it in one breath. That's a good dancer for you!

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