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Ocean Breeze

Once upon a time a young admiral, Hans Ingewanden, got captured by a gang of hot female pirates led by princess of the seas, Lana Everwette herself. The admiral was a brave one and extremely capable for his age but the pirates were too numerous and eventually outnumbered his boys! Now it was time for the admiral himself to be admired in all kinds of ways by the horny women.

"Just ye look at that, gals," the women checked out the boy's tight hourglass corset. "No wonder ye didn't have any guts to fight us!" The women, laughing loudly, undid the laces of the corset. "Expensive one! What d'ye say, cap?"

"That's mine now," the pirate captain grabbed the cincher, checking out its extreme measurements. "I'd guess around fourteen inches."

In the meanwhile, the women held the admiral firmly, while some molested the prettyboy's sweating abdomen that was just a minute out of the tightest corset, still keeping the wicked hourglass shape. "Literally no guts in this lad, cap! Is that what a man's body supposed to look nowadays?" All of a sudden the captive received a firm punch on his lower belly from the strongest woman, the powerful blow buried so deep into the belly that other girls could swear the fist would go through and show up from the other side!

However, strong as it was it hardly impressed the admiral. After spitting saliva, he grinned wide. "Try harder, bitch! It's a major belly fetish you're gonna deal with here! My Mistress tramples my belly every day with her high heels and on Sundays she makes her horse stomp on my belly! She made my body invincible so your feeble fists are nothing and your power is far inferior to my Mistress's, bitch!"

Now... that was too much! After tying him to a wooden stake, the feared pirate captain, Lana Everwette, asked in her loud voice of a girl who was born in a countryside: "What is yer last wish, scum?"

"Suck my dick, you pirate bitch!!" the brave young admiral exclaimed equally loud and clear, even though he was of noble blood himself. But looking the pirate in the eye, immediately wished he hadn't said that... "No!! Stop!" He started wiggling and struggling in vain, but was properly tied to the pole. "Remember, everything inside these pants is my Mistress's property!! Don't you dare laying your filthy, cheap lipstick-smeared lips on it!!"

Aww, poor fella! Somebody come to rescue him! Or not. Anyways, here he is, just wanted to color some old line art from 2009! :3

Ocean Breeze - lineart v2

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